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Private Equity Assurance Services

Meeting today’s auditing, financial and reporting challenges

The global business landscape is being reshaped by transformational events and trends. And that means the financial and reporting environment is also being reshaped, resulting in increasingly complex and broadening regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands.

Private equity firms are not immune to this growing focus on accounting and regulatory changes around the world. Both their funds and their portfolio companies are affected.

As your independent advisor, we have the experience to help you meet these demands by providing a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees, and transparent information for your stakeholders and investors both at the fund and the portfolio levels.

Attention to risk

Our longstanding experience in private equity assurance provides us with uncommon insights into the spectrum of potential risks and the necessary internal controls. Valuation has increasingly become one of the most challenging areas funds face.

In uncertain market conditions, coupled with the proliferation of ever more complex and innovative financial instruments and product designs, fund managers demand an experienced and broad team of professionals to serve them.

Our audit teams leverage the knowledge and skills of global network, including those of internal valuation professionals.

More than just dots on a map

With our global network, we uniquely offer multidisciplinary insights across geographies, minimizing risk of conducting business in multiple cultures and jurisdictions, so we can help you efficiently navigate the global regulatory landscape.

With a common, consistent strategy and structure, we serve our global and local clients with the same intensive focus on quality.

We offer the following global services:

  • Audit services: applying our global audit methodology to audit your annual financial statements or consolidated financial statements pursuant to IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER and Swiss law
  • Financial Accounting & Advisory Services: structuring accounting processes in accordance with IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER; accounting advisory; accounting support for spin-offs and restructuring; compilation services; accounting for financial instruments and commodity forwards and advice on treasury management; supporting the IPO process; assisting in compliance with the EU Prospectus Directive and IFRS/Swiss GAAP FER standards; advice on corporate governance 
  • Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services: fraud prevention and detection
  • Climate Change and Sustainability Services: designing and auditing compliance management systems and sustainability plans; optimizing and advising on allocation applications in emissions trading
  • Other audits: verifying proper management; capital market-oriented audits; audits required for particular legal structures

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