Doing the right deals in difficult times

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Dramatic shifts are taking place in the world of mergers and acquisitions. The types of deals that are taking place – and the way they’re financed and executed – are changing significantly.

Your business may be looking to divest assets or to acquire assets at competitive prices to increase your market share. Either way, you need to analyze the value and risks of a deal, to understand if you have a solid business case for moving forward.

EY can support you in this. We can carry out under-performing business reviews, debt covenant reviews, liquidity analyses and working capital optimization. We can validate the accounting, legal and tax implications of your proposed structure and financing approach. We can help you determine whether your transaction strategy and processes are aligned with your business objectives – and are operating effectively. And we can provide various types of analytical and project management support for companies at every phase of financial distress, including formal restructuring.

Whether you’re looking to divest or acquire, EY can help you navigate the changing mergers and acquisitions landscape, make informed decisions and do the right deal.