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Accounting Compliance and Reporting

When change is on the agenda

It's not just about guidance. It's about where your business is going. Worldwide, standards setters have never been more active and the scope of ongoing accounting change is unprecedented. But managing accounting change is not only about monitoring changes proposed by the FASB and the IASB. Even while standards setters are working to converge standards in critical areas including accounting for leases, revenue recognition, and financial instruments companies make strategic decisions that require significant accounting change as well.

These may include

  • Strategic acquisitions that require conversions from or to IFRS
  • Equity investments, IPOs, or debt offerings, where you need to understand the impact on your balance sheet
  • Derivatives contracts for commodities, or complex financial instruments
  • Transformational changes to financial reporting processes, such as ERP or shared service implementations

Any of these initiatives can dictate changes to your accounting and financial reporting and can affect key financial performance measures. All can change your profile of risk. To address their impact, you'll need to review accounting treatments and disclosures in critical areas, re-examine financial reporting processes, and effect systems change. We can help.

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