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Value Added Tax (VAT)

When it comes to indirect taxation the person who pays the tax is not identical with the person who bears the ultimate tax burden.

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a typical indirect tax which is paid by entrepreneurs but usually passed on to end consumers. In academic theory VAT is regularly treated as a “transitory item” for companies. In business practice, however, and particularly evident in more complex transactions, VAT can turn out to be a definitive tax burden for companies, too. Moreover, the demands on VAT compliance are steadily increasing.

When it comes to customs and excises the situation is comparable. The increasingly complex national and international requirements continue to be a major challenge for economic operators. As such the cost-neutral passing on of customs and excise tax is not always possible. Complying with legal requirements in international trade requires a detailed knowledge of the law but also often an increase of administration and overhead cost for the businesses.

Our specialists cover the whole range of indirect tax topics including VAT, customs as well as excises, and support you with tailored solutions and optimization ideas. With access to our global network of dedicated specialists, we can provide individual tax advice to companies operating in an international environment on cross-border cases.

Despite being a global organization, we serve our clients in person through our local contact persons. We team our people according to the specific needs of our clients. That way, we are able to offer requested expertise and necessary experience to completely meet your needs.
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