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Each restructuring scenario calls for different professional skills, and we offer a broad range of services that are tailored to your individual situation to help you evaluate opportunities, put together the most effective restructuring plan, improve transactions and achieve your strategic goals.

Our restructuring services include:

  • Corporate restructuring:
    We help companies and investors improve their total expected return in times of uncertainty and deteriorating performance and growth. We support you in managing work-out or turn-around processes and in allocating capital and investment — evaluating your business plans objectively. We also devise strategies to address potential covenant breaches, negotiating with stakeholders and complying with insolvency and other requirements.
  • Working capital management:
    We help you improve cash flows and release value in current capital accounts (receivables, payables, inventories), thereby improving overall liquidity and offering effective strategies for managing credit lines.
  • Capital markets:
    We work with you to develop optimal and flexible debt and equity capital structures and competitive financing programs. We analyze the choices, present you with the alternatives and offer recommendations.

Capital & Debt Advisory

Companies today are facing the challenge of having to put together the best possible financing measures to deal with each phase of development: which kind of financing is the best fit for the business model? Which one will form a solid foundation for the future?

These questions are almost always very difficult to answer in the current environment. Financing options have become more complex and taken on more dimensions, and the number of potential financing instruments and partners has grown.

Detailed knowledge of the market and experience are decisive factors here. We help you analyze existing financing structures, design different market-appropriate alternatives, and together with you, we work out which financing package best fits your company's needs.

We can advise you in the following areas:

Working Capital Services

We are a focused and experienced team, with the aim to free up restricted cash and optimize working capital.

When working capital is not optimally managed, it entails an increased need for credit financing and a higher interest rate burden. It is precisely during growth and consolidation stages that companies find themselves faced with this problem. Causes can often be identified in internal cross-function processes and the use of working capital indicators that are not very meaningful.  

Because companies with local specificities are globally active nowadays, our Working Capital Team is represented by 100 specialists around the world and is able to provide successful support both group-wide and «hands-on» on a local basis.

The services we offer comprise (to enlarge, please click on the graphic):

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Operational Restructuring
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