Hui Wing Mau, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013 winner

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year China 2013
Real Estate Category Winner

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EOY China 2013 Real Estate Category Winner

Hui Wing Mau
Shimao Property Holdings Limited - Chairman

Hui Wing Mau’s entrepreneurship originated from his ventures in traditional Chinese medicine and textiles before forming Shimao as a real estate firm. Along with his commitment and untiring spirit for adventure, he has led Shimao to transform into one of the top property companies. Shimao Property Holdings Limited and Shanghai Shimao Company Limited were listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange respectively in 2006 and 2000. Shimao has engaged in a wide range of property businesses, including: high-end residences, commercial properties, tourism properties, and high-tech industry properties. Shimao has over 70 projects under development in 40 cities nationwide, and Shimao holds over 37 million square meters of quality land reserves. In 2012, its sales and net profit totaled RMB46.1 billion and RMB5.7 billion, respectively, and their market capitalization recorded at HK$70 billion from HK$18.6 billion when it was listed in 2006.

Hui Wing Mau has focused on innovation of products and design concepts to change lifestyle patterns, and has designed a new premium ecological lifestyle called, “Riviera Model,” which could inspire consumers to live in an environment-friendly residence. In 2012, Shimao poured billion of RMB into an investment that involved hundreds of employees with IT giant SAP to develop an information technology management system, which could enhance efficient project budgetary control and provides more accurate information support for strategic decisions.

Hui Wing Mau has set up a variety of charitable foundations, including: “ Charitable Funds,” “Education Funds,” “Comforts Funds” and “Red Ribbon Funds.” Taking into account the donations made for Sichuan earthquake relief and his funding for “Shimao Caring Hospital,” he has donated over RMB700 million to date. He was awarded the highest honor of charity, namely “The China Charity Award for Special Contributions,” by the country’s Ministry of Civil Affairs. Other awards conferred to him include: “Love China — the First Chinese Charity Figures,” “Magnolia Award” of Shanghai, and the title of “Bauhinia Star” by the Hong Kong Special Administration government.