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On the Beam : Greater China Insights

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Our quarterly magazine On the Beam contributes our rich thought leadership to the Greater China market, helping organizations to keep them abreast of the latest market and industry trends.

Issue 10  Download PDF (5.25mb)

  • An opportune time for Chinese enterprises to set up overseas investment and financing platforms
  • High quality generics in pharmaceutical market
  • China is poised to have a leading role in 5G development
  • ASEAN: The next global investment destination where opportunities and challenges coexist
  • Complete discontinuation of the administrative approach of record filing for corporate income tax preferential treatments Be mindful of potential risks while enjoying the convenience
  • Exploring the leading issues of valuation of private equity funds
  • Common money laundering typologies in the financial industry

Issue 9  Download PDF (5.84mb)

  • Bringing RPA into work to navigate through changing times
  • Making the impossible possible
  • Impact of major transfer pricing developments on luxury sector in mainland China
  • Switching to software: how product companies can learn to sell solutions
  • Building tomorrow’s agile finance function enabled by SAP S/4HANA Finance
  • State Administration of Taxation releases "Going Global" Tax Guidelines
  • The insurance agent of the future
  • From prospect to practice
    Forging new opportunities for Hong Kong along the Belt and Road
  • Integrated reporting
    Integrating sustainability operations into the corporate value chain

Issue 8  Download PDF (5.35mb)

  • Belt and Road Initiative embarks on new era as transnational cooperation intensifies
  • Survive or thrive in the digital revolution
    Future-proof your business with digital capital strategy
  • From disruption to megatrends
    Fintech and its impact on the future of banking
  • A set of blueprints for success:
    Seventh annual global EY/IIF bank risk management survey
  • In search of the next growth engine
    Opportunities and challenges for the emerging Asia-Pacific financial sector
  • Development and prospects of China’s electricity system reform
  • Mainland China adopts long-awaited cybersecurity law
  • A global study on finance business partnering and its development in mainland China
  • Consumption tax reform in mainland China
  • The search for growth under the 'new normal'
    An analysis of growth prospects in China’s industrial sector
  • Go with the flow
    The golden era of a content-driven culture and entertainment industry

Issue 7  Download PDF (5.33mb)

  • The disruption of the CFO’s DNA
  • A brief analysis of ways for foreign firms to gain entry into the asset management industry in mainland China
  • Business insights drive digital innovation
    Building your data analytics capability to keep your business ahead of the game
  • The new lease standard: Making its way onto the balance sheet
  • Digitalized transformation series: Develop Net Promoter Score-driven capability to gain and keep customers through social media
  • Acquisition of property investment businesses – would there be an immediate impairment of goodwill?
  • Taking advantage of education reform and seizing the opportunity
  • EY Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS) warns of growing trend in email fraud targeting senior management’s chain of command
  • Green bonds: A key tool for tapping into green opportunities
  • Have you endorsed it?
    On corporate social responsibility report endorsement

Issue 6  Download PDF (5.9mb)

  • From classroom to boardroom
    Creating a culture for high impact entrepreneurship: Key extracts from a new EY report
  • eCommerce: B2B
  • M-commerce strategies and “must-haves” in China
  • Strategy leads the way in overseas mergers and acquisitions
  • China’s health care: Getting well soon
  • The new revenue recognition standard: New challenges or opportunities for companies?
  • An outline of the significant policy and regulatory adjustments in China’s auto industry
  • A brief note on cultural and creative industries in Taiwan
  • From government-led projects to public-private partnerships
    Infrastructure construction financing: The current situation and the prospects

Issue 5  Download PDF (5.13mb)

  • The increased interest in private medical services organizations
  • The attractiveness of overseas real estate
  • Energy efficiency: the cleanest energy choice of all
  • Win in Guangdong: Embrace new opportunities from the Guangdong Free Trade Zone and deeper integration with Hong Kong and Macau
  • Things to watch out from China’s international taxation reform under BEPS
  • Survival amid change: Build core competency for internet financing stakeholders in a dynamic environment
  • Exploring crowdfunding in Taiwan and its possible tax consequences
  • The 89 billion dollar question: How do we unleash the economic potential of women?
  • Is China’s medical device industry about to boom?
  • Staying afloat: Insights into the China shipping industry from a restructuring perspective

Issue 4  Download PDF (3.9mb)

  • Understanding China’s education “industry”: Growth is everywhere, but choose specific opportunities wisely
  • Latest developments of China’s Anti-monopoly Law and coping strategies
  • Analysis of the operations management model of the world’s top oil companies and insights for Chinese companies
  • Challenges and opportunities for Chinese companies to navigate global markets
  • Winning eCommerce in China
  • First-half of 2014 results for China’s listed banks
  • The implications of increased international tax transparency on Hong Kong
  • Forensic accounting and food safety
  • Industry’s role in a healthier China

Issue 3  Download PDF (7.8mb)

  • Regional service providers stepping up to the cloud computing stage
  • Business booms as Shanghai pilots free trade
  • The right model can make the difference
  • Building a sound and steady auto dealer network through risk management
  • Operational transfer pricing
  • Shanghai to lead global shopping center development in next three years
  • Another wave of Chinese companies going for IPOs in the United States
  • Corporate Governance Evaluation System Testing
  • Outlook for foreign banks under interest rate liberalization
  • Capitalizing on China’s renewable energy opportunity
  • A new wave for the Hong Kong transfer pricing environment
  • Spotlight on China for EY Strategic Growth Forum
  • US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) - Challenges of a new law

Issue 2   Download PDF (6.9mb)

  • Year of the horse: A trot or a gallop?
  • Foreign banks in China: on the cusp in new era
  • Building a more ethical business world
  • A budget requiring society to make a choice
  • A look at the Taiwan Free Economic Pilot Zone in light of the opening of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
  • A case study: data leakage protection for hi-tech manufacturing industry
  • Profit or loss as the great paradox
  • How mining companies in China break out of the impasse of the current economic situation
  • Analysis of government grants and tax implications during enterprise relocation
  • Finding value in sustainability reporting
  • China’s going global, so get your taxes right
  • Addressing talent management risks

Issue 1   Download PDF (7.5mb)

  • Strategic investing in China
  • Unmasking the COO mystery
  • For food, nothing is more important than safety
  • Building a better working world
  • Mergers and acquisitions among China’s pharmaceutical enterprises
  • Tax transparency and risk management: two sides of the same coin
  • Driving profitability growth: the productivity challenge in China
  • Social media: a double-edged sword for companies
  • Are you ready for the next waves of changes to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)