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Strategic Growth Forum 2016

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2016 highlights

How are Asia’s leading businesses accelerating their growth? Read highlights to gain fascinating insights from business leaders, entrepreneurs and advisors.

Who is coming?

EY - Meet 15 outstanding women entrepreneurs

Meet 15 outstanding women entrepreneurs

Get to know the winners of the 2016 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific program and learn how they scale and accelerate company growth globally.

EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program

EY Accelerating Entrepreneurs program helps fast-growth entrepreneurs to scale and accelerate their business.

Additional networking opportunities

EY FinTech Connector

Provincial government briefing and international trade delegation tour

This is exclusively available to C-suite executives from international organizations with an appetite to explore business opportunities in China. The delegation will meet with senior government leaders from China before visiting Shanghai International Automotive city, which includes a tour of the EVZONE — China’s biggest Electric Vehicle plant. For more details, contact eysgf.china@cn.ey.com.

Going out together: partnering with private equity

Companies that want to grow fast or move into international markets need to consider acquiring outside capital, and private equity firms are increasingly willing to partner with Chinese companies to co-invest in global assets. Join this roundtable meeting to explore the latest investment vehicles and strategies, acquire insight into how private equity investors think, and learn what you have to do to be ready to secure and enhance a capital infusion. For more details, please contact Katie Chung.

EY FinTech Connector

The EY FinTech Connector session gives established FinTech start-ups from China and beyond the opportunity to discuss key challenges and hear from experienced executives on achieving success in China.

Hear more about how and why China is leading the race in the establishment of FinTech  hubs around the world, the new landscape for financial institutions – in China and overseas - and join our discussion on the next generation: how the opportunity to be the biggest and best in FinTech  is open to all industries as seen through Chinese-based success stories. For more details, contact Heidi Au.

Australia-China real estate investment

Chinese investors are increasingly exploring the Australian market. Attend this seminar to explore trends and insights on property investments in Australia; discuss projected returns, growth locations, and investment and funding options; and review past China-Australia real estate equity deals. A cocktail reception following the session offers the chance to make personal introductions and arrange follow-up meetings. For more details, please contact Emma Flowers.

EY Growth Navigator™ private sessions and booth

EY Growth Navigator™ is a unique interactive experience that allows you and your leadership team to assess your company’s current capabilities, gain valuable insights from leading practices, and create a prioritized action plan to help you successfully execute your growth strategy. Places are limited, so book your complimentary private session or visit our booth and accelerate your journey to market leadership today. For more details, email apac.accelerating.growth@au.ey.com.

Growing Beyond Borders™ private sessions and booth

Growing Beyond Borders™ is an EY tool that visually represents data using the map of the world to help you to explore your global growth strategies, assess opportunities to expand into new markets or better understand the challenges and risks compared to your competitors. Growing Beyond Borders™ is a highly interactive and collaborative approach, helping you define your cross-border strategies. Places are limited, so book your complimentary private session or visit our booth and look at the world in an entirely new way. For more details, email apac.accelerating.growth@au.ey.com.

Digital Maturity private meetings and booth

Is your business strategy fit for a digital world? Book your complimentary private session or visit our booth to learn about digital@EY and explore your digital maturity to identify where you should focus digital transformation efforts. Take the driver’s seat using the EY iPad tools to assess your digital maturity across strategy, customer experience, supply chain, tax, risk and more. For more details, contact Jemma Bingham.

Family Business and Family Office private meetings

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet privately with EY’s most prominent family business and family office experts. Our EY Family Business leaders from around the world will be available to speak to you – in a non-binding, one to one and confidential manner -  about whatever keeps you awake at night as a family business owner and family wealth holder. You can discuss with them your most pressing issues around topics such as: succession planning, family wealth management and family office, family business philanthropy and educating and onboarding the next generation.

Succession planning
With over 80% of family businesses in China and beyond due to transition within the next 10 years, it is more important than ever to start planning for succession. Succession planning and managing the balance between family and business is essential to sustaining growth through the generations. Meet one of our EY family business experts who can talk you through the key dimensions and challenges of this process.

Family wealth management and Family Office
Families have many options to effectively manage and preserve their wealth and our EY Family Office experts can talk you through the family office model as well as recent trends in family and private wealth management.

Family Business Philanthropy
Discuss with our EY family philanthropy experts effective and entrepreneurial family philanthropic giving. Whether you are an active philanthropist or are planning to become one, this is your chance to get advice and guidance.

Educating and onboarding the next generation
Bringing in the next generation is one of the most delicate challenges, and meeting it is key for long-term success. Our experts from the EY NextGen Program can talk to you about educating and on boarding your next generation.

For more details, contact Francesca Ambrosini.

Family Business Philanthropy: the art of giving

Family philanthropy has evolved over the years to become a more systematic and effective endeavor that provides greater benefits to the causes, families and operations of the world’s largest family businesses. At this exclusive breakfast session, the EY Global Family Business Center of Excellence will release its groundbreaking study on family philanthropy. Hear its key findings and learn more about EY’s holistic approach to help family businesses around the world further develop their philanthropic activities in a professional, entrepreneurial and measurable way. For more details, contact Francesca Ambrosini.

Family Business Booth

Come and meet the EY Family Business Center of Excellence team for an informal chat on the latest thinking in family business, get introduced to like-minded family business owners, book your private meetings with our experts and pick up the latest thought leadership. For more details, contact Francesca Ambrosini.

iLab - Free Trade Zones in China

With the establishment of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ), China has taken a big step forward in opening up the nation and adapting to new global economic trends and trade developments. The FTZ is focused primarily on financial services, but shipping services, commercial services, professional services, cultural services and social services are also affected.

In this iLab, policymakers and executives of financial services and non-financial services industries will discuss the FTZ’s further opening up to the external economy, the internationalization of RMB currency, the One Belt–One Road national strategy, the impact on the real economy and the business opportunity for different industries.

For more details, contact Aileen Yuan.

iLab - Urban mobility
Rethinking collaboration between cities and the EV industry to create true shared impact

Creating a favorable ecosystem for electric vehicle (EV) deployment in urban contexts could prove transformational – for automotive companies, related industries and the community at large. EVs bring a unique societal advantage to urban life through improved energy management and other resourceful ways.

This discussion will expand on how cities can be at the forefront to create the demand for EVs, in their jurisdictions. It will also explore how an early stage collaboration between EV manufacturers, utilities, IT and telecom companies, as well as other stakeholders, is essential to create the market demand to justify infrastructure advancements to make EVs a viable reality.

For more details, contact Christine Burrows.

iLab – Digital branding
How consumer products companies use social to promote their brand

The rapid growth of social media and digital branding presents an unparalleled opportunity for consumer products businesses. While some firms are being disrupted, others are developing digital capabilities to build deeper customer relationships and improve profitability.

This iLab will explore how consumer product firms use social media to promote their brands. Representatives from social media platforms and brand consultancies will discuss and share insights on successful digital marketing strategies.

For more details, contact Katie Henderson.

iLab - The future of the pharmaceutical industry in an aging and richer China

An aging population, people’s rising wealth, and health awareness and disruptive technologies are creating a pharmaceutical revolution in China. This iLab will look at innovation and disruption in the pharmaceutical industry and the opportunities this major market presents.

Discussion will include the role of biopharmaceutical companies and R&D, collaborations with technology firms and others, and the effects of government policy and the regulatory landscape.

For more details, contact Candace Chui.



The agenda is current at time of publishing, but subject to change.


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Our first-ever EY Strategic Growth Forum™ held in Shanghai in 2014 brought together over 1,000 guests from China and around the world. Inspirational entrepreneurs, business leaders of high-growth companies, government leaders and opinion makers came together over two exciting and content-rich days to discuss strategies for growth, to learn from the best-of-the-best, and network and develop opportunities with prospective partners. Take a look at “Highlights from Strategic Growth Forum China 2014”.

Strategic Growth Forum China 2016 is coming to Shanghai. If you are a C-suite executive, high-growth entrepreneur, or government leader seeking to accelerate your organization’s growth and interested in securing a place at this event, please contact us at EYSGF.China@cn.ey.com for more information.

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