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China Tax & Investment Express

As a supplement to our China Tax & Investment News, China Tax & Investment Express (CTIE) aims to bring to you real time information regarding the latest tax and business announcements issued by authorities at the central government level on a weekly basis. CTIE not only provides a synopsis of each announcement issued by the a uthorities, but it also includes a weblink that leads you to the full content of the announcement (in Chinese). We hope this publication can help you keep abreast of the latest developments in tax and business regulations in China.

Please feel free to contact your EY client service professionals for further assistance if you find the announcements have an impact on your business operations. For questions regarding CTIE, please contact us.

  • CTIE Issue No. 2019031 (pdf, 860 kb) – August 9 2019
    Decision on the abolishment of a batch of tax certification items and the abolishment/modification of certain relevant regulations and regulatory documents; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019030 (pdf, 627 kb) – August 2 2019
    The Fifth Protocol to the “Arrangement between the Mainland of China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income”; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019029 (pdf, 532 kb) – July 26 2019
    Notice regarding the public opinion consultation on the “Land Appreciation Tax Law of the People's Republic of China (Discussion Draft)”; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019028 (pdf, 732 kb) – July 19 2019
    The State Council Executive Meeting on 10 July 2019 announced certain measures on further stabilizing foreign trade; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019027 (pdf, 527 kb) – July 12 2019
    Public notice regarding preferential tax policies for the community and family services industries including the elderly and childcare, housekeeping services; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019026 (pdf, 691.29 KB) – July 5 2019
    Public notice regarding individuals obtaining incomes that should be treated according to certain taxable items for Individual Income Tax purposes; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019025 (pdf, 540.19 KB) – June 28, 2019
    Guidelines of the Preferential Tax Policies for the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” (as of June 2019); etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019024 (pdf, 475.24 KB) – June 21, 2019
    The State Council Executive Meeting to further facilitate customs declaration and promote the development of import and export diversification; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019023 (pdf, 486.17 KB) – June 14, 2019
    Questions and answers collection regarding the policies for reducing taxes and charges in 2019; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019022 (pdf, 536.92 KB) – June 06, 2019
    Public notice regarding the deduction policy of insurance enterprises’ service charges and commissions for Corporate Income Tax purposes; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019021 (pdf, 512.79 KB) – May 31, 2019
    Public notice regarding Corporate Income Tax policies for the integrated circuit design and software industry; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019020 (pdf, 925.71 KB) – May 24, 2019
    Notice regarding further optimizing the tax de-registration procedures for enhancing the simplification of administrative procedures; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019019 (pdf, 1.33 MB) – May 17, 2019
    State Council’s executive meeting made the decision to extend the preferential Corporate Income Tax policies on the integrated circuit and software industry for attracting foreign investments to promote developments of the information industry; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019018 (pdf, 563.41 KB) – May 10, 2019
    Public Notice regarding expanding the applicable scope of preferential Corporate Income Tax policies on accelerated depreciation of fixed assets; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019017 (pdf, 1.02 MB) – April 30, 2019
    Public notice regarding the Corporate Income Tax policy for perpetual bonds; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019016 (pdf, 546.77 KB) – April 26, 2019
    China Advance Pricing Arrangement Annual Report (2018); etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019015 (pdf, 864.88 KB) – April 19, 2019
    Notice regarding agreement between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the Italian Republic for the Elimination of Double Taxation with Respect to Taxes on Income and the Prevention of Tax Evasion and Avoidance; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019014 (pdf, 512.09 KB) – April 12, 2019
    Public notice regarding certain adjustments related to the Certificate of Chinese Fiscal Resident; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019013 (pdf, 519.53 KB) – April 4, 2019
    Q&As regarding deepening the Value-added Tax reform
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019012 (pdf, 530.64 KB) – March 29, 2019
    PN regarding certain policies for deepening the reform of Value-added Tax; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019011 (pdf, 524.29 KB) – March 22, 2019
    PN regarding the determination of the residence period of individuals with no domicile in China; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019010 (pdf, 481.28 KB) – March 15, 2019
    Public notice regarding the public opinion consultation on the amendments to certain administrative regulations including the “Administrative Regulations on Company Registration” and the “Administrative Regulations on the Registration of Enterprise’s Legal Representatives”; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019009 (pdf, 552 KB) – March 8, 2019
    Report on the work of government (2019); etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019008 (pdf, 778.39 KB) – March 1, 2019
    Notice regarding Value-added Tax policies for drugs to treat rare diseases; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019007 (pdf, 551 KB) – February 22, 2019
    PN regarding matters related to the expansion of the pilot run of allowing small-scale VAT taxpayers to issue special VAT invoices by themselves; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019006 (pdf, 690.13 KB) – February 15, 2019
    Notice regarding various Value-added Tax exemption policies; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019005 (pdf, 555.63 KB) – February 1, 2019
    Notice regarding Individual Income Tax policies for individual partners of venture capital companies; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019004 (pdf, 603.30 KB) – January 25, 2019
    Notice regarding the implementation on tax reduction/exemption policies for small and micro-sized enterprises; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019003 (pdf, 486.67 KB) – January 18, 2019
    State Council Executive Meeting on 9 January 2019 announced specific measures regarding tax reduction for small and micro-sized enterprises; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019002 (pdf, 695 KB) – January 11, 2019
    Public notice regarding a catalog of currently enforceable preferential Individual Income Tax policies; etc.
  • CTIE Issue No. 2019001 (pdf, 757 KB) – January 4, 2019
    Public notice regarding matters related to tax identification number of natural persons; etc.

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