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Effective management and execution of mergers and acquisitions, especially for cross-border deals, can significantly reduce the management team efforts and increase the closing success rate.

Time is always of the essence in all M&A processes, requiring effective coordination of all parties including management teams and external advisors. Our M&A team is equipped with extensive transaction experience, and we assist clients with a streamlined project management throughout the entire deal life cycle.

Our services typically include assistance with the development of a tailor-made negotiation strategy; design of an appropriate transaction structure; organization and management of the due diligence process; negotiation of transaction terms; and closing the transaction.

We work with our clients from the beginning to the end of the transaction process, and our services help clients strengthen and realize the strategic value embedded in their investment objectives.

EY - Lead Advisory

Our services include:

  • Project Management and Coordination
    • Project manage the transaction process from conception to planning and execution, up to transaction closing and post-closing
    • Act as liaison and representative in front of various stakeholders and counter-parties
    • Advise on the transaction – provide ideas on “DOs” and “DON’Ts”
    • Provide timely updates to stakeholders – including the Board, regulators and financiers
    • Ensure parties adhere to the transaction timetable
  • Sales and Marketing Documents
    • Prepare professional marketing documents for the business and assets designated for sale or fundraising
    • Documents typically include teaser, Confidential Information Memorandum, process letter and policies, depending on the planned transaction process
  • Valuation Analysis
    • Advise on valuation for a target business or asset to be acquired, or a subject business or asset to be sold or to be designated for fund-raising purpose
    • Validate and benchmark the valuation with alternative approaches, to derive a value strategically fit for the transaction
  • Deal Structure
    • Work with advisors retained, such as legal and tax advisors, to discuss and finalize a suitable and actionable deal structure – from tax, finance, regulatory and cash-flow perspectives - for the transaction
  • Due Diligence Readiness
    • Coordinate with all due diligence advisors (financial, tax, legal, HR, IT, operational, etc.) to complete the required due diligence in a timely manner
    • Act for the seller of a business or an asset, help design, organize and run the due diligence exercise offered to the potential buyers – aiming to minimize disruption to the seller's normal business activities and operations
  • Negotiation Support
    • Advise on the negotiation with different counterparties to prioritize and balance the “must-haves” and the “nice-to-haves”, to strike the best possible deal for the client
  • Legal Documents Review
    • Ensure all risks identified from the due diligence and conditions negotiated with counter-parties, are properly and fairly reflected in all relevant transaction documents such as the MOU, SPA and Shareholders Agreement

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