Transaction Advisory Services

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Strategy Services

A clear growth strategy is essential to drive the rapid and sustainable development of an enterprise. In formulating its strategic development plan, an enterprise should consider organic and inorganic growth strategies to optimize its business portfolio.

Management should also consider the appropriate expansion strategy – be it vertical integration, geographic expansion, technology upgrade or brand extension. Management needs extensive market analysis and a thorough understanding of the company’s own strength and weakness, as well as competitors, and the full market landscape, in order to make such an informative decision.

Our Corporate Finance Strategy teams have significant management consulting experience and assist our clients in the development of practical business strategies based on their needs and market position. Using EY’s Full Potential ParadigmTM methodology, we are equipped to systematically analyze market prospects and potential, identify the competitive landscape of the market, and provide critical and relevant industry insights.

EY - Strategy Services

Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Transformation
    • Develop an investment and business growth strategy
    • Optimize the business portfolio
    • Develop an organizational transformation strategy and short-, mid- and long-term strategic planning
    • Design and optimize a corporate control mechanism
    • Optimize the investment management process and organizational structure
    • Evaluate the strategic investment plan and business performance
  • Market Assessment and Entry Strategy
    • Design a market entry and expansion strategy
    • Assess market and industry attractiveness
    • Develop a business plan
    • Identify and assess potential partnership opportunities
    • Provide business feasibility studies
    • Provide a market overview study for IPO prospectus
  • Commercial Due Diligence
    • Provide market size, growth trends and competitive landscape analysis
    • Evaluate business models and IT technologies and identify key success factors
    • Assess the internal resources and IT capabilities of the target company
    • Analyze the commercial viability of the investment
    • Identify potential market risks and provide professional advice

Type of client│Main scope of services

  • Multinational Corporation
    • Market entry, growth and organizational transformation strategy
    • Investment opportunity identification and evaluation
    • Target market assessment and target screening
    • Joint venture feasibility assessment and business planning
  • State-owned Enterprise
    • Group-level strategic planning
    • Investment planning for the 13th Five-Year Plan Period
    • Commercial feasibility study for investment activities
    • Group organizational transformation strategy and governance
    • Overseas investment market analysis, commercial due diligence, synergy analysis and implementation planning
  • Privately Owned Enterprise
    • Group-level strategic development planning
    • Market overview for IPO prospectus
    • Business planning for portfolio companies
    • Overseas investment project management and commercial due diligence
    • Group organizational transformation strategy and governance
  • Private Equity Fund
    • Commercial due diligence
    • Portfolio company value creation (establishment of key performance index system, process optimization, business planning, etc.)
    • Investment management process and organizational structure optimization
  • Government
    • Regional planning and positioning advisory
    • Public Private Partnership (PPP) project planning and operations model (joint workforce with Transaction Support, Transaction Tax and Valuation and Business Modelling teams)