Transaction Advisory Services

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Transaction Diligence

Two of the most critical questions facing our clients during a transaction are: Should an investment or divestment be made, and at what price?

To help answer these questions and make timely and informed valuation and transaction decisions, our Transaction Support team provides fast and high quality analysis focused on high-impact deal drivers, including commercial and strategic priorities, financial and regulatory risk, operations, synergies and financial statement impact.

Our clients benefit from our insightful advice based on our experience of advising on 1,000 transactions annually. Our core focus is to assess the sustainability of the Target’s growth and profitability, quality of cash flows and assets, and identify hidden liabilities and contingencies. Our advice underpins and identifies key focus areas to support the negotiation of key transaction terms as well as post-closing needs including integration and financial reporting.

EY - Transaction Diligence

Our services include:

  • Due Diligence (buy-side/sell-side)
    • Financial due diligence
    • Human resources due diligence
    • IT due diligence
    • Operations due diligence
  • Negotiation of Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA)
    • SPA review
    • Purchase price adjustment or locked box mechanism
    • Payment and earn-out structure
    • Closing pre-conditions
    • Closing due diligence
    • Final consideration assessment
    • Dispute resolution
  • Post-closing Services
    • Post-closing transition plan for business/operations and management team
    • Post-closing cash flow/structure design
    • Cost improvement plan
    • Accelerated growth plan

Type of client│Main scope of services

  • Multinational Corporation
    • Due diligence
    • Pro forma consolidation and preliminary financial analysis for buy-out transactions
    • SPA review and SPA negotiation support and review of closing financial statements
  • State-owned Enterprise
    • Due diligence
    • Improvement plan for financial and operational internal controls
    • Synergy analysis
  • Privately Owned Enterprise
    • Due diligence
    • Structuring analysis based on strategic needs and SWOT
    • SPA review to ensure sufficient protection
    • Closing due diligence and dispute resolution
  • Private Equity Fund
    • Due diligence
    • IPO/Exit readiness study
    • Portfolio performance analysis and budget analysis
  • Government
    • Public Private Partnership (PPP) project planning (joint workforce with other teams such as Corporate Finance Strategy, Transaction Tax and Valuation and Business Modelling)

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