Transaction Advisory Services

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Valuation, Modelling & Economics

Our Valuation and Business Modeling team assists clients to make informed investment or exit decisions and comply with authoritative accounting, tax and regulatory requirements.

A third-party valuation is often required by regulatory authorities to support the negotiated pricing, and a valuation is generally necessary to support the purchase accounting for a transaction. Our services include valuations of full enterprises, equity and hybrid securities, intangible assets (including intellectual properties, trademarks and technologies), real estate, equipment, and other long-lived assets.

When our clients intend to raise capital through debt or equity financing, our business modeling team can assist with the development or analysis of the financial model to support key decisions related to investment, strategic planning, project feasibility study, franchise bidding, and project financing.

In addition, to help drive the Belt and Road Initiative and infrastructure investment projects, our experienced Infrastructure Advisory team also provides a full range of financial advisory services for overseas infrastructure projects, including greenfield and brownfield investment projects, equity acquisitions, and domestic or overseas Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects.

EY - Valuation, Modelling & Economics

Our services include:

  • Valuation
    • Transaction purpose
      • Basis for price negotiation between the buyer and seller
    • Tax filing purpose
      • Valuation of equity/asset transfer between the client and its related party or other third party
    • Financial reporting/Compliance
      • Allocation of purchase price under business combination
      • Issuance of employee share option scheme or other financial derivatives
      • Impairment testing
  • Business Modelling
    • Model build and review
      • Build and review models for strategic plan, acquisition, concession bidding, project financing, exploration and production model
  • Infrastructure Advisory
    • Greenfield infrastructure project finance/Acquisition of operating infrastructure project
      • Project management and overall execution
      • Preparation of bidding documents
      • Financial feasibility analysis
      • Modeling for concession bidding
      • Design of financing plan

Type of client│Main scope of services

  • Multinational Corporation / State-owned Enterprise / Privately Owned Enterprise
    • Valuation purposes
      • Transactions basis for price negotiation
        • Mergers, acquisitions and divestment
        • Restructuring
        • Intellectual property licensing
        • Financing
      • Financial reporting/Compliance
        • Fair value measurement of specific assets
        • Purchase price allocation
        • Impairment testing
        • Employee share plans/compensation schemes disclosure
      • Other purposes
        • Shareholder disputes
        • Intellectual property disputes
        • Litigation disputes
        • Corporate tax planning and assessment
        • Project evaluation
        • Estimation of investment return rate and discount rate
    • Valuation targets
      • Businesses and companies
      • Shares and other equity
      • Various intangible assets and goodwill
      • Employee share options and complex financial securities
      • Fixed assets and investment properties
  • Private Equity Fund
    • Acquisition or exit advice for the Investment Committee
    • Post-acquisition periodic or annual portfolio valuation  
    • Build or review the financial forecast and valuation model during fund raising or asset
    • securitization
  • Government
    • Public Private Partnership (PPP) project planning (joint workforce with other teams such as Corporate Finance Strategy, Transaction Support and Transaction Tax )
      • Quantification of project risks
      • PPP partnership model
      • Payment and monitoring mechanism
  • Foreign Greenfield Infrastructure Investment/Acquisition of Equity
    • Project management and overall execution plan advisory
    • Review of concession agreement, operating and maintenance agreement and negotiation support
    • Project feasibility analysis model and report
    • Bidding documents preparation and support
    • Financing terms and agreement negotiation

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