Applied Operational Research in Business Consulting

Organized in cooperation with the Department of Econometrics at Faculty of Informatics & Statistics, Prague University of Economics and Business

Course title: Applied Operational Research in Business Consulting
Course code: 4EK614
Course date and time08 - 10 February  2022, 9:15 – 15.45
Course location: SB 213, Prague University of Economics and Business; last seminar in EY office
Course accreditation department: Department of Econometrics at Faculty of Informatics & Statistics
ETCS credit allowance: 3
Registration: till 30 January 2022.


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About the course/prerequisities

This course will introduce banking and various types of risks that banks manage through their risk management processes. The primarily focus will be on predictive modelling as part of underwriting and scoring. No previous knowledge of risk management/banking is necessary.
The course is primarily intended for students with basic knowledge of statistics (basic statistical concept and/or regression is sufficient) and programming (at least one language such as Python or R). The course assignment will be an independent statistical analysis conducted individually or in groups.

Course schedule

Day 1 – Tuesday

08 February, 9:15 – 15:45

Introduction to Banking and Risk

  • Introduction to Credit Risk and Banking
  • Underwriting and Scoring
  • Market Risk
  • Climate Risk

Day 2 – Wednesday

09 February, 9:15 – 15:45

Credit Risk topics

  • Predictive Modelling
  • Data Sources for Modelling
  • Scorecard Development and Assessment

Day 3 – Thursday

10 February, 9:15 – 15:45

Credit Risk in practice

  • Brief Statistical Refresh
  • Seminar Assignment Introduction
  • Assignment Data Walkthrough

About us

Technology innovations, changes in business models, growing customer and shareholder demands and new regulatory requirements. Finance is undergoing fundamental changes and we help banks, insurance companies and investment funds coping with the challenge.
We work in the Czech Republic, in central Europe but we increasingly provide our advisory to finance people all over the globe. Sometimes it is an end-to-end solution, sometimes only a brief consultation. We are able to come with creative ideas, look at the issue from a different perspective, devise a workable solution, explain it to the client and also create and implement the solution for him.
We are Financial Services Consulting, fresh university graduates and also experienced matadors. Highly specialized experts, managers, statisticians, mathematicians, lawyers and programmers. We are a team of 80 people who help to create a better working financial world.


Tomáš Němeček
Tomáš Němeček

Tomas is a associate partner in EY's Credit Risk team. He is focused on credit risk modelling and loan loss provisioning. Tomas led several projects for major European financial institutions in area of loan impairments modelling and stress testing.

Radek Lastovicka

Radek is a senior manager in our Credit Risk team. He specializes on credit risk management and effective collection processes. He is also a president of Association of Collection Agencies.

Tomáš Sobotka
Tomáš Sobotka

Tomáš is a senior manager in our Market Risk team. He focuses on development and validation of front-office / market risk models. Tomas is excited about complex stochastic models and he is renowned for setting up innovative solutions at global and local clients.

Jan Nusko
Jan Nusko

Jan is a senior consultant in EY's Credit Risk team. He has participated on numerous projects for major European banks focusing primarily on IRB model development and data analytics.

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