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Nicosia, 23 July 2019

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EY announces the first solution designed to help gauge impact and trustworthiness of artificial intelligence systems


  • EY Trusted AI platform helps identify and mitigate risks unique to artificial intelligence at scale
  • Aims to resolve issue of trust in technology – the biggest barrier to wider artificial intelligence adoption


EY announced it has developed the first solution designed to help enterprises quantify the impact and trustworthiness of artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

The EY Trusted AI platform, enabled by Microsoft Azure, offer users an integrated approach to evaluate, monitor and quantify the impact and trustworthiness of AI. The platform leverages advanced analytical models to evaluate the technical design of an AI system, measuring risk drivers that include its objective, underlying technologies, technical operating environment and level of autonomy compared with human oversight, and then produces a technical score.

This new platform provides insights to users such as AI developers, executive sponsors, and risk practitioners. The technical score it provides is also subject to a complex multiplier, based on the impact on users, taking into account unintended consequences such as social and ethical implications. An evaluation of governance and control maturity acts as a further mitigating factor to reduce residual risk. The risk scoring model is based on the EY Trusted AI framework, which is being used to help enterprises understand and plan for these new risks that could undermine products, brands, relationships and reputations.

An interactive, web-based interface guides users through a series of schematic and assessment tools to build the risk profile of an AI agent. User-friendly visualizations provide users with a quick snapshot of the relative risk scores across their AI portfolio, with drill-down capabilities to reveal additional details.

A key benefit of the EY Trusted AI platform is its ability to perform dynamic risk management by forecasting the impact on risk when an AI component changes – such as an AI agent’s functional capabilities or level of autonomy. This will allow for a better understanding of the risk profile of AI agents and help foster fact-based evaluations of systems against their risk tolerance.

EY teams developed the tool on the EY Client Technology Platform, supported by Microsoft Azure, which helps businesses expedite organizational changes that drive and sustain value from analytics.

Commenting on the launch of the EY Trusted AI platform, Charalambos Constantinou, Partner and Head of Advisory Services of EY Cyprus, said: “Artificial intelligence presents corporations with exciting new opportunities. However, a growing lack of trust centered around ethical considerations is acting as a barrier to widespread adoption of AI.  The EY Trusted AI platform, is a major step in helping enterprises build the levels of security and trust that are essential for effectively developing their AI systems.”


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