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Will AI connect brands to consumers or create a chasm between them?


Artificial intelligence (AI) has already transformed multiple industries to the benefit of consumers. Yet when it comes to how consumers actually experience the world, AI is still in its infancy. Today we can talk to our phones or smart devices around the home, but it’s often a frustrating experience, and the functionality is limited. Nonetheless, even in these early stages of the AI revolution, it’s clear that the way consumers engage with brands is going to change fundamentally. The question is, how?

Five implications for consumer products companies

  • Brands can win from the rise of direct to consumer (D2C), if they invest in the right infrastructure.
  • Companies will form unexpected alliances to master last-mile fulfillment.
  • Everyone can become a brand ambassador, and be rewarded for their influence.
  • Brands will have to choose how they play in a world where shopping and buying are different activities.
  • Subscription models will grow.

The AI revolution will transform the way consumers engage with brands. Leaders who understand what the future might look like can take bolder action now.

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