What is this course about?

In this course you will gain hands-on experience in quantitative methods applied in the Financial Risk Management. You will explore different areas of the risk management using statistical and analytical tools used by the industry and solve problems taken from real-world situations.

You will learn how to simulate evolution of market factors, how banks predict default rate using social networks, how to predict behavioral patterns of the customers and use that information to manage interest rate and liquidity risk or how to include machine learning method into various areas of risk management and much more

Course title: Applied Operational Research in Business Consulting
Course code: TBD
Course date and time: 13 – 16 May 2019 9.15-14.15
Course location: Room TBD, University of Economics
Course accreditation department: Department of Econometrics at Faculty of Informatics & Statistics
ETCS credit allowance: 3

The subject will be classified as an optional subject (program-specific)
The language of the course will be either Czech or English, depending on participants’ preferences

Course Registration

Course Schedule

Day 1
Monday 13. 5. 2019 9:15 - 14:15

Module 1 : Introduction to Risk Management & Banking

Module 2 : Risk Measurement

Module 3 : Operational Risk – Measuring human error

Day 2
Tuesday 14. 5. 2019 9:15 - 14:15

Module 4 : Yield curve construction crash course

Module 5 : Market Risk – VaR simulation methods

Module 6 : Liquidity Risk – Modeling customer behavior

Day 3
Wednesday 15. 5. 2019 9:15 - 14:15

Module 7 : Credit risk – the biggest fear of Czech banks

Module 8 : Client approval process (scoring and rating)

Module 9 : Collection process

Day 4
Thursday 16. 5. 2019 9:15 - 14:15

Module 10 : Machine Learning in Risk Management

Module 11 : Global Financial Crisis

Module 12 : Risk Management Failures - Case Studies


Tomáš Němeček

Tomas is director in EY's Credit Risk department. Tomas is focused on credit risk modeling and loan loss provisioning.

He led several project for major European financial institutions in area of loan impairments modelling and stress testing.


Radek Laštovička

Senior manager at EY specializing in credit risk management and effective collection processes. President of Association of Collection Agencies.


Jiří Uherek

Jiri is senior consultant in EY's Market Risk department.

Jiri focuses on model validation and yield curve modelling. Jiri gained experience in projects for major UK and US banks.


Jaroslav Kačmár

Efficient and innovative problem solver specializing in quantitative analyses mostly in credit risk management, predictive modelling and statistical machine learning solutions.



Resources will be available here after the course ends

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