Real Estate M&A

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Real Estate and Hospitality M&A Services

Real estate has established itself in the capital markets as an asset class in its own right – one which is characterized by a high degree of complexity.

We can assist you with the transaction life cycle`s three stages:

We can identify attractive acquisition opportunities for prospective investors. In addition, we provide commercial due diligence and can assist in the negotiation process and deal closing.

Hold while increasing the value
Within the scope of our strategic advisory services, we help you determine how to create value on a real estate asset or portfolio level and assist in the execution of a value improvement plan.

The EY office coverage and client base means we are well placed to act to dispose and to secure prospective investor interest from across the globe. On the corporate advisory level, we assist in identifying the optimal real estate for disposal, by performing a first step diagnostic assessment, followed by the determination f actions needed for an exit preparation.


Commercial due diligence

As part of any transaction process, we provide commercial due diligence in the form of a red flag report and purchase report. Commercial due diligence services are carried out by RICS real estate professionals with an established track records in real estate and a wealth of experience in transaction due diligence. 

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