Picture of Resiliency through transparency: build your future-ready supply chain

Resiliency through transparency: build your future-ready supply chain

Learn how industries that plan to modernize their supply chain can do it through technology-enabled transparency, sustainability and traceability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption to markets and supply chains. Many organizations have had to transform their operations almost overnight, reacting to unprecedented changes. This highly disruptive period challenged the resiliency of established supply chains.

In this webcast, we will explain how you can optimize and future-proof two critical areas of your business; factory operations and overall supply chains.

We will also show how advanced technologies can play a part in this process by supporting the creation of new business models designed with a focus on traceability and sustainability.

Presenters :
  • Einar Scholte Partner/Principal - Technology Consulting, Data & Analytics
  • Sune Engelsted Manager – Business Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations

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