Foto af How can businesses embrace cybersecurity in the era of hybrid work?

How can businesses embrace cybersecurity in the era of hybrid work?

Find out how companies are seeking to prioritize remote working practices, security culture and technologies to address new risks.

A majority of CISOs (77%) say that they’ve experienced an increase in the number of cyberattacks on their business since 2020. This shows that the transition to remote and hybrid work has exposed a bigger attack surface to hackers.

In the new normal where data is more distributed than before, organizations must be steadfast in adopting a culture of security by design. This shift not only requires the integration of cybersecurity into high-level decision-making; it also means that businesses must enable employees to integrate security practices into their everyday work.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How can your cybersecurity investments be made more business-centric and risk-aware?
  • How to facilitate remote or hybrid working without sidestepping cybersecurity processes?
  • How to utilize cybersecurity technology without compromising on usability?


Jonas H. Halldin
Nordic Cyber Market Lead, Partner, EY Denmark


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