How will 3D printing make your company the strongest link in the value chain?

EY’s Global 3D printing Report 2016

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Identify the impact on business and unlock the 3D printing potential

3D printing – or additive manufacturing – technology has been available since the 1980s. But it has only come to the fore in the past decade, as the varied range of new 3D printing (3DP) products has convinced business that the technology could prove a real game changer.

However, faced with this huge variety, many businesses lack the knowledge and confidence to identify the right technology, application and use for their needs. In working with clients we have seen that, for many, such uncertainty is limiting their ability to quantify the benefits of the technology and to incorporate it into their strategic vision. We hope that our new study can provide the insights to help.

Redefining business with 3D printing offers a comprehensive review of current levels of adoption of the technology and of likely future trends. It provides a multi-stakeholder view of the industry, considering both the experience and perspective of companies that have exploited the technology, complemented by case studies, as well as reflecting financial developments on the supplier side.

The study incorporates the findings of EY’s 3D printing Global Survey, undertaken with Valid Research. This canvassed the opinions of 900 companies on 3D printing, gaining insights on both current practice and likely future developments.

EY’s Global 3D printing Report 2016

To reflect the variety in applications and use of 3D printing, the survey engaged relevant decision makers from

  • different-sized companies
  • companies from twelve countries
  • businesses from nine industries

We hope our findings help businesses at all stages of 3D printing maturity to understand and leverage the benefits that this innovative technology can bring.