Photographic Portrait of Paolo Prisco
Success in life sciences and pharmaceuticals will depend on the ability to follow new approaches. Patient orientation, individualization and secure data management will be essential.

Paolo Prisco

Life Sciences, Healthcare & Chemicals Leader | Switzerland

Can look back on more than 25 years of experience and numerous global consulting mandates. Is interested in literature, Renaissance and enjoys cooking with friends.

Schwerpunkte Consulting Finance Health
Niederlassung Basel, CH

Paolo Prisco is head of the Life Sciences, Healthcare & Chemicals sector for Switzerland and became partner in 2007. Together with his team, he advises international companies in Switzerland and abroad.

For more than 25 years, Paolo Prisco has held multiple management positions in various countries. At EY, he is responsible for leading global companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Paolo Prisco was born in Italy but has spent his entire life abroad – most recently in India. He started his career as controller in a multinational Italian oil and chemical company. Later on, he worked as a consultant at a major consultancy firm.

How Paolo is building a better working world

“The development of life sciences, pharmaceuticals and healthcare as well as the increasing importance of agro-sciences will change our society in a disruptive way. In Switzerland, more than 200 partners are focused on these challenges and already today addressing the issues of the future. Three key factors define the way we think and work: people, content and customers.”

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