Checklist for the annual report 2018

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EY’s checklist 2018 for controlling the annual report is now available for annual reports prepared in accordance with the Danish Financial Statements Act and for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Danish Executive Order on Adoption of IFRSs.

The updated checklist incorporates applicable legislative amendments for the financial year 2018. The checklist is available in both Danish and English to make it possible for employees abroad in e.g. a Shared Service Centre to use the checklist.

As a new feature, the checklist is now web-based. This means that the checklist does not require installation on your computer.

Create new user

Users who have not previously used "the EY checklist" must register as users in the system. Click "New user" below the "Log in" button.

How to use the checklist

The checklist must be filled in electronically. When using the checklist, fill in the master data first, and then customise the checklist to the entity's specific circumstances by answering a number of filter questions. Finally, answer the actual checklist questions, which are grouped according to the components of the annual report and in the sequence according to which they are disclosed in the annual report.

To avoid misleading customisation of the checklist, the filter questions should be answered carefully by a person who has insight into the entity and its affairs. The customisation can be changed later on. 

Customisation to the entity's specific circumstances ensures that the number of checklist questions is reduced and that all checklist questions ought, preferably, to be answered in the affirmative. A "No" answer could indicate potential errors or oversights in the annual report. Potential implications of any "No" answers to the annual report should therefore be carefully considered.

The checklist for compliance with the requirements of the Danish Financial Statements Act can be filled out in a complete version that includes recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosures and in a disclosure version that solely includes questions regarding presentation and disclosures. Moreover, a checklist for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Danish Executive Order on Adoption of IFRSs can be filled in if the entity presents its annual report in accordance with IFRS.

The checklist is filled in electronically, and the new checklist application shows the percentage completed. You can also forward the checklist for review, i.e. the checklist can be filled in by an employee who will then forward it for review with another employee or an auditor who reviews and approves the checklist.

The result may be printed to document that the checklist has been completed and that the entity's annual report has been checked.

When a checklist has been created, an overall report of the checklist may be printed containing the answers to the filter questions and the checklist questions as well as any comments.

The checklist is updated annually and is free of charge.

Use the checklist application.