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Automation is changing the way corporations work dramatically

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Back office functions across industries are facing a disruptive revolution. Robotics automation is dramatically changing the way corporations work. EY has a strong practice with competencies to support end-to-end implementations of Robotics Process Automation starting from RPA strategy and pilot projects to full scale implementations, operating model and advanced automation integrating RPA with analytics and cognitive solutions.

What is RPA?

  • RPA utilizes the existing user interface
    With RPA, a high level of automation can be achieved without changing the current IT landscape. RPA uses the existing user interface and can interact with all systems. Therefore, no further IT integration is needed.
  • RPA simulates an employee
    Just like employees, the software robot has access to diverse applications with an ID or a password. The robot can replicate employee tasks, such as gathering information or changing data. Consequently, business and administrative processes can be fully automated.
  • RPA is a software
    RPA is a software that runs repetitive, rule-based processes. The software is trained based on functional specifications and can be adjusted at any time.

Are you ready for robots?

Thorough preparation is the key to any RPA implementation. Based on EY's extensive experience with RPA projects and deep insight into a wide range of industries and sectors, we have published some advice on how to avoid the biggest pitfalls. This allows you to free up resources, eliminate errors and achieve savings of up to 70% - without changing your company's current IT infrastructure.

You can download the publication "Get ready for robots" for free.


Levels of intelligence within robotics

Leading software technology has come to the point that enables software robots to replicate and perform human actions and automate repetitive tasks across multiple business applications. The technology is developing fast, and at EY we separate this into three categories depending on the level of "intelligence":

  • Rule-based automation – robots that follow a set of pre-defined rules that describe tasks
  • Enhanced/intelligent process automation – robots that can understand unstructured data, human communication (e.g. voice or e-mail) and draw conclusions from data cross-checking
  • Cognitive platforms – robots that learn from experience in the same way as humans do in order to perform complex tasks without human interference

Why software robotics?

RPA enables process improvement to go way beyond process re-engineering/optimization or labor arbitrage. The efficiency of existing robotic solutions outperform any manual solutions and work practice. Just as important, however, is the fact that robots do not make human errors, can work 24/7 and can be scaled up in an instance to match fluctuating process demands.

RPA also provides full audit trails and process compliance. RPA can be deployed without altering existing IT infrastructure and systems. This lowers implementation risk and supports ROI – usually in the range of 4-12 months.

Benefits as a result of RPA

Robotics - improved customer service Robotics - better quality Robotics - savings Robotics - scalability Robotics - standardization

EY delivers the solution. You get the competence.

One of the great advantages of an RPA solution is that you can continuously customize software robots for changing needs, new business processes, and more. Therefore, we have made competence transfer an integral part of our concept.

Through our focused training programs and ongoing support, we ensure that the company's employees are able to run, maintain, and further develop the chosen RPA solution.

EY is independent of software developers and vendors, and our business model is not based on licenses. This enables us to focus on the company's needs and create the right solutions for our customers.

EY has extensive knowledge and experience with multiple RPA vendors. As an example, we are the only ones to receive the status of global Gold Certified Implementation Partner with Blue Prism – a RPA software developer company.

Our service offerings

EY provides services that support organizations throughout the entire RPA journey, from defining the strategy to continuous improvement and innovation. EY can help creating COEs within your organization, train your staff and provide RPA operations as a service.

EY’s approach is designed to target the right parts of your operations and ensure rapid benefit realization

EY is the leading advisor within RPA due to our Nordic Center of Excellence, the combination of business and IT consultants in our delivery and adoption of agile development methodology.

EY's services


Development of RPA strategy and roadmap

Opportunity assessment

Assess and prioritize processes for automation


Development of temporary prototype implementation version

RPA implementation

Full implementation across multiple processes across the organization

Operating model

Current state analysis and conception of the new target operating model

Center of Excellence

Training and development of a Center of Excellence within client organization

Why EY?

With more than 50 implemented RPA projects and over 100 trained and certified RPA consultants, EY is Scandinavia's leading RPA advisor.Our extensive experience in the Nordic market benefits Nordic companies and we are always ready to advise on how an RPA solution can create value for your organization.

We bring market leading competencies to our clients with six pillars that characterize our value proposition

  • Independent of software providers
  • Process expertise
  • Skills and knowledge transferring
  • Robotic track record
  • Agile delivery model
  • Leading Nordic advisor

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