Nordic cyber security

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Our Global Information Security Survey 2018-19 sees spending on cybersecurity rise, but organizations need to take even more action.

After a year in which organizations have been rocked by a series of large-scale cybersecurity breaches and ongoing recriminations over state-sponsored interventions, this year’s EY Global Information Security Survey (GISS) shows cybersecurity continuing to rise up the board agenda. Organizations are spending more on cybersecurity, devoting increasing resources to improving their defenses, and working harder to embed security-by-design.

What do Nordic and Global organizations have in common? How do Nordic organizations stand out from the Global? Find out more on our Nordic Global Information Security Survey 2018-2019 website.

Nordic cyber security services

Cyber risks are growing and changing rapidly. Every day, hackers work on new techniques for getting through the security of organizations − in the Nordics and beyond. Actively defending against cyber attacks is the only way to get ahead of cyber criminals and gain the trust of your customers.

Traditional defense mechanisms — perimeter controls and end-point antivirus protection — cannot keep pace with the increasingly innovative and sophisticated threats. Because cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if, but a question of when, an intelligent, complementary approach is necessary to quickly identify intruders and contain their impact.

Our trust-based Nordic societies make us vulnerable. Cyberthreats continue to challenge our assets, business, services and privacy as we go digital. New thinking is needed to tackle these challenges. Me and my team assist clients in the Nordics every day to improve their cyber security response. We believe in a better and more robust digital working world.
Aina Karlsen Røed
Nordic Cyber Security Leader

How can EY help you gain trust in a digital world?

At EY, we help you create a robust and agile cyber security setup. Our experienced advisors can help you build an active defense system along with clear response procedures aimed at minimizing breach impacts and protecting your business. We operate as one unified Nordic team, and through our local presence, we make insights and specialists from around the world available to your organization.

We can help you in the following areas:

EY - Cybersecurity

Cyber transformation
Security program transformation services help companies tackle the many security challenges they face on a daily basis, and develop effective solutions using people, processes and technology, while enabling better security and risk decisions and reducing costs related to managing security risk.
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EY - Cybersecurity

Cyber threat management
Cyber threat management services, delivered through our Advanced Security Centers, help clients detect and respond to real world cyber attacks in the context of their own business, while improving their overall cyber security posture. To help solve our Nordic clients' issues related to IT/information security and information management with special shielding requirements, EY has established a Nordic Security Center (NSC) in Oslo.
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EY - Cybersecurity

Data protection and privacy
Data protection and privacy services enable organizations to deploy processes and tools to help detect and prevent data breaches that result from internal user activity. 
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EY - Cybersecurity

Cyber threat intelligence
Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is an advanced process that enables the organization to gather valuable insights based on the analysis of contextual and situational risks and can be tailored to the organization’s specific threat landscape, its industry and markets.
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EY - Cybersecurity

Business resilience
Business resilience services comprise business continuity management (BCM) and disaster recovery tactics that provide organizations with an ongoing risk-based, proactive approach for maintaining critical business functions and ensuring their continuity (and the recovery of people, processes and technology) after business disruptions in an optimized manner. 
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