Cyber security

Cyber threat intelligence

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In today’s cyber security landscape, it is not possible to prevent all attacks or breaches.

In a corporate context, a cyber attack can not only damage your brand and reputation − it can also result in the loss of competitive advantage, create legal/regulatory noncompliance and cause steep financial damage.

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is an advanced process that enables the organization to gather valuable insights based on the analysis of contextual and situational risks and can be tailored to the organization’s specific threat landscape, its industry and markets. This intelligence can make a significant difference to the organization’s ability to anticipate breaches before they occur. Additionally, it helps you to respond quickly, decisively and effectively to confirmed breaches, while proactively maneuvering defense mechanisms into place, both prior to and during the attack.

How can EY help?

We can help you develop a CTI program that sheds light on the specific threats that increase risk in your organization. The program leads to better processes and allows an organization to strategically prioritize its defense measures so that efforts can be focused on what can cause the most damage to business. Furthermore, it helps to ensure business continuity and, ultimately, the success of the organization.

By integrating CTI into various aspects of security operations, it can be used to map out the threat landscape and put historical data into context. As a CTI program matures, predictive capabilities are uncovered, allowing management to make decisions that are based on historical precedent rather than intuition.