Cyber security

Cyber transformation

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Nordic organizations are facing not only escalating risk, but also the near-certainty that they will suffer an information security breach. Better protection enables effective business performance and enhances a company’s ability to operate day-to-day, while providing heightened resilience in the face of continually evolving threats.

A sharp focus on business structure, culture and risks will enable an organization to better safeguard the data essential to its survival and success. Creating a security program around intelligence on threats and also business risks will support resilience in a constantly shifting landscape of risk; however, few companies today have the appropriate skills and resources in-house to effectively secure their information assets and at the same time optimize business performance.

How can EY help?

EY’s cyber transformation framework is built upon a meaningful analysis of how information security shapes and fits into an organization’s overall risk management structure. It enables you to perform the balancing act of reducing costs while identifying gaps in existing security capabilities; the findings can help you make strategic prioritized investments to address business needs, increase company value and keep your organization secure.  

In the Nordics, we have a proven track record of assisting various organizations design, develop and implement Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based on our insights into leading practices. 

Our assessment allows you to:

  • Understand your organization’s risk exposure
  • Assess the maturity of your current cybersecurity program and identify areas for improvement
  • Build a prioritized roadmap for project investments and organizational change initiatives
  • Collect information to create benchmarks against other organizations
  • Confirm that your security investments have improved your security posture