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Title Headline Date
EY Capital Insights Magazine: Q4 2015 Cybersecurity is a top priority for many companies, and the new issue of Capital Insights explores this critical business issue. 20160101January 2016
Global Corporate Divestment Study 2016 How can you generate a higher price for your divestment? Corporates can benefit from private equity expertise – learn about divestment strategy and execution leading practices. 20160101January 2016
Global Capital Confidence Barometer: October 2015 Our 13th Global Capital Confidence Barometer finds companies pursuing M&A deals at a rate not seen this decade. 20150426October 2015
EY Capital Insights Magazine: Q3 2015 Ken Goldman, CFO of Yahoo, speaks to Capital Insights about how he plans to get the company back to the top of its industry. 20150901September 2015
EY Capital Insights Magazine: Q2 2015 Deutsche Telekom CFO Thomas Dannenfeldt on transformation, creating a new legacy and the battle for top spot. 20150401April 2015
Global Capital Confidence Barometer: April 2015 Access highlights from our Global Capital Confidence Barometer to learn what is defining the market. 20150426April 2015
Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 Are you considering divesting assets? If not, you should be. Our global study explains why. 20150318March 2015
Consumer products report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 55% of consumer products companies say that a strategic shift toward higher-growth and higher-margin brands is a key divestment driver. Read more about portfolio optimization and strategies to improve divestment speed and value. 20150318March 2015
Diversified industrials report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 Few diversified industrials companies have sufficiently institutionalized the portfolio review process. 67% say their reviews should be more regular to be effective. Read more about optimizing your portfolio and divesting successfully. 20150318March 2015
Financial services report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 Regulatory change is accelerating divestment activity. 69% of financial services executives expect more strategic sellers to come to market over the next 12 months. Read about strategies to increase divestment speed and value. 20150318March 2015
Life sciences report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 62% of life sciences companies would divest a business due to an unfavorable economic climate caused by regulatory or reimbursement changes. Read about how to optimize your portfolio and divest successfully. 20150318March 2015
Oil and gas report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 Volatile oil prices are leading companies to re-evaluate their portfolio. 59% of oil and gas companies say their recent divestment was triggered by the unit's weak competitive position. EY's study outlines key strategies for divesting successfully. 20150318March 2015
Technology report: Global Corporate Divestment Study 2015 56% of executives expect the number of strategic sellers increase this year. EY's study focuses on how technology companies can optimize their portfolio in order to be innovative and flexible. 20150318March 2015
Global Corporate Development Study 2015 Can corporate development drive strategy and deliver growth? Find out in our 2015 Corporate Development Study. 20150208February 2015
Roadmap to carve-out sale success 2015 Read about the critical steps to get a deal signed in six months or less. 20150208February 2015
CapitalConfidence Barometer: October 2014 Our 11th Capital Confidence Barometer predicts healthy growth for M&A globally, which should take the market back to levels seen before the financial crisis. 20141007October 2014
Working capital management 2014: All tied up Our latest analysis of the working capital performance of leading companies in the US and Europe shows a further deterioration in the US and relative stability in Europe. 20140602June 2014
Multiple: European private equity watch, 2014 - Issue 2 Activity in the European buyout market is holding up, and the IPO exit route continues to prove attractive. Learn more. 20140502May 2014
Capital Confidence Barometer: April 2014 With a focus on cost management, higher risk organic growth and transformational deals, leading businesses are reshaping for the future. 20140407April 2014
Global financial services M&A themes 2014 What key themes are likely to influence merger and acquisition activity across banking, insurance and wealth and asset management? 20140404April 2014
Five practices for managing integration success Join us as we reveal the key practices companies need to follow to deliver on their integration goals. 20140328March 2014
Transactions in Focus: Spotlight on Mexico We explore the advantages and opportunities for investors in Mexico's rapidly growing economy, in addition to the special challenges that remain. 20140227February 2014
How much synergy do you need? Learn how to gauge deal value and evaluate if the deal model has been adequately tested, including whether it will deliver on planned synergies. 20140206February 2014
Multiple: European private equity watch, 2014 - Issue 1 The European PE buyout market gave a steady performance in 2013, but it was in the exit market that we saw an improved level of return to investors. 20140128January 2014
Global Corporate Divestment Study Selling assets and re-shaping portfolios can help global companies navigate uncertainty, maximize growth opportunities and create value for their stakeholders. Learn how. 20140120January 2014
Capital Confidence Barometer, October 2013 After a five-year period of falling M&A globally, our latest Capital Confidence Barometer suggests a return of deal activity. Learn more in this report. 20131025October 2013
Global financial services transaction monitor In the first half of 2013, transaction activity continued to decline, with both deal volumes and disclosed value at their lowest level since 2010. 20130925September 2013
Cash on prescription 2013 The 14 leading pharma companies have up to US$40 billion tied up unnecessarily in working capital. What strategies can help companies increase efficiency? 20130814August 2013
Consumer products deals quarterly: Q2 13 Deal activity has declined significantly in the consumer products sector, but is set to recover. Find out more. 20130731July 2013
M&A and capital raising in mining and metals - 1H 2013 Activity over the first half of 2013 has been subdued – but low valuations, divestitures and cash-strapped juniors have set the stage for a buyers' market. 20130730July 2013
Get it right - before, during and after the deal How do top dealmakers set the right strategy, recognize the right target and achieve the best synergies through a merger? Find out in Capital Insights. 20130726July 2013
Total shareholder return: power and utilities Investors aggressively pursuing yield have pushed utility valuations to pre-financial crisis levels, but are recent shifts in policies and market conditions signaling a new paradigm? 20130725July 2013
Cash on the road 2013 Our annual working capital report finds improved WC performance. But will this trend continue and how will regional factors influence it? 20130722July 2013
Multiple: European buyouts watch, July – 2013 As the deal pipeline continues to strengthen and exits are increasing, is the private equity market set for more activity? Learn more. 20130725July 2013
Working capital management 2013: all tied up In 2012, the performance of working capital was down in Europe but up in the US. Our report explores this diverging trend and highlights opportunities. 20130626June 2013
Cash on the table 2013 Our research shows 21 leading consumer products companies still have US$34 billion tied up in working capital. How can they adapt to the brand new order? 20130626June 2013
China in transition: insights for global companies We outline how the standing committee for the Chinese Communist Party intends to accelerate plans to transform the nation's political and economic structure. Learn more. 20130415April 2013
Global M&A tax survey and trends The harder that company boards press for deals to deliver the value they promise, the more that tax directors play a critical role in identifying and delivering that value. That's the message in our second annual review of trends affecting tax aspects of corporate mergers and acquisitions. 20130215February 2013
Maximizing divestment success Our study of 567 global executives reveals five leading practices that can help companies avoid leaving value on the table. Learn more. 20130131January 2013
Divestitures: Growing trend in technology M&A Technology industry dynamics demand nimble corporate development, increasing shareholder return, key considerations for success, program management, transition service agreements, and customer/vendor relationships. 20120913September 2012


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