About us - Kuwait

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Kuwait is a small, oil-rich country with a total area of around 17,820 sq km. Its population is around 2.5 million, including about 1 million non-nationals. Arabic is the official language and English is widely spoken. Islam is the official religion of Kuwait, and about 57% of the Kuwaiti population is Arab.

The land is a dry desert, with intensely hot summers and short, cool winters. Local time is GMT +3 hours.

Kuwait is a small, rich, relatively open economy with about 10 % of the world’s crude oil reserves. Petroleum accounts for nearly half of GDP, 95% of export revenues, and 80% of government income.

Kuwait Office

EY (Al Aiban, Al Osaimi & Partners) was established in Kuwait in 1952. Today, it operates with 9 partners, and over 300 professional staff. EY is the largest professional services firm in Kuwait and audits one-third of all listed companies including all commercial banks and provides tax services to approximately 70% of the market.

Services Offered

Kuwait office offers a wide variety of professional services, including Assurance Services, Business Risk Services, Tax and Business Advisory Solutions.


EY Kuwait’s client base covers several industries including energy, banking, trading and telecom, manufacturing, service and government sectors.


We are located in Baitak Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street in Kuwait city.

If you would like to discuss further the services offered by EY in Kuwait, please contact Waleed Al Osaimi.