Climate change and sustainability services

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Governments and businesses across the world are increasingly shifting their focus to better understand how their societies and operations might be impacted by changing environmental, social and economic realities. MENA is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change that will manifest itself through increasing prices for, and scarcity of, raw materials including food, water and energy, as well as (in due course) rising sea levels. Governments are responding by introducing new regulations and requirements related to climate change and sustainability and businesses will need to more closely consider the risks and opportunities associated with these changes.

EY is here to help you with this. We have a multidisciplinary team in MENA with backgrounds that cover science, engineering, economics and other disciplines to help you better understand the risks and challenges. We have also developed a range of climate change and sustainability services that will enable you to:

  • Define clear priorities

    By helping you to understand the most material environmental, social and governance factors affecting your business we can help your leadership teams manage risks to the business, and prioritize and shape your investment decisions to ensure that they achieve their intended outcomes.

  • Make better informed decisions

    We can help you measure the economic, social and environmental impacts associated with your operations to help you make evidence based decisions that refine your operational approach, cut costs, shape your strategy and help to create more value for your stakeholders.

  • Improve your confidence and reputation

    By integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in your strategy and by providing assurance on your data and reporting, we can help you build confidence in the sustainability programs you are administering and the integrity of your sustainability reporting.

  • Build your resilience

    By gaining an understanding of what Environmental, Social and Governance factors can affect the resilience of your organization we can help you arrive at a suitable sustainability strategy to support your business strategy. By supporting you with Environment, Health and Safety and energy management systems implementation we can enhance your performance and resilience.

The wheel below lists all our service offerings under our 5 core services:

1. Sustainability and supply chain advisory
2. Non-financial reporting advisory and assurance
3. Outcomes measurement and valuation
4. Climate change and energy
5. Environment, health and safety

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EY - The Universe of sustainability risks and opportunities