Business process automation

In Private equity

We can help you manage an increasingly complex private equity environment by enabling technology-enabled, innovative solutions that streamline operations, drive efficiency and effectiveness, minimize risk and protect your business.

What EY can do for you

Asset managers face pressure on all sides. Limited partners are increasing their demands for new products and lower fees, while shareholders and regulators push for greater transparency.

To compete, our clients need insightful strategies and leading practices that fuel operational improvement. We can help by industrializing operations across the front, middle and back offices — thus improving effectiveness, boosting margins, enhancing the investor experience, achieving scale and reducing costs. We can help with:

Operational and cost effectiveness

  • Operating model and finance transformation
  • Organization effectiveness (succession planning, talent strategy and organization design)
  • Strategic sourcing (TPA, BPO, co-sourcing)
  • Business case design and modeling
  • Shared services

Technology transformation and innovation

  • Reporting and analytics design and implementation
  • System selection and implementation
  • Digital strategy
  • Robotics process automation
  • Operating model of the future (RPA, artificial intelligence and machine learning)

Risk management

  • Cybersecurity and data breach preparedness
  • Internal audit and SOX compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • SOC reporting
  • Streamline the financial statement/audit process

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