Josh Herrenkohl
We need to look at the world in a broader way and recognize that change is not coming – it’s already here.

Josh D. Herrenkohl

EY Global Real Estate Consulting Leader

Innovator focused on advanced technologies and helping real estate, hospitality and construction organizations operate more effectively. World traveler passionate about involving different cultures.

Josh leads EY Global Real Estate Consulting Services. In this capacity, Josh oversees corporate real estate, construction and real estate investor Consulting services at the global level.

He has a significant track record of serving clients in the areas of cost reduction, risk mitigation, strategy, technology and operational improvement services to corporations, public sector organizations, real estate private equity funds, REITs, operators, developers and institutional investors. Other areas of experience include project management, back office sourcing and post-merger integration.

Josh is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences and seminars and has been quoted in numerous media and publications. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Miami University. Josh has lived and worked in North America, Asia and Europe and is excited and passionate about the power of innovation, particularly when it involves people from different backgrounds and cultures.

How Josh is building a better working world

“I spend each and every day focused on driving innovation in real estate, hospitality and construction. It is my aspiration to help build connected communities of people who live, work and play seamlessly in the physical environment that surrounds them.”

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