Norman Lonergan
Shared purpose is a key competitive advantage. Companies who enable their workforce to feel connected to a higher purpose are more likely to retain employees.

Norman Lonergan

EY Global People Advisory Services Leader – Elect

Serving clients across multiple sectors through our vast range of offerings, from cybersecurity to risk transformation. Rugby enthusiast.

Norman is the EY Global People Advisory Services Leader – Elect, effective 1 January 2021. Prior to being appointed to this post Norman served as Global Vice Chair - Advisory, working with leading global businesses to address complex industry issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow, improve and protect their businesses.

Norman led EY Global Advisory following its creation in 2008 and was instrumental in delivering year-on-year double-digit growth. Under Norman’s leadership Advisory has been ranked number one in Business Consulting and has been named a leader in Risk, Cyber, People Advisory Services, Digital, Innovation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Finance and Supply Chain and Operations by industry analysts. During his time as Global Vice Chair - Advisory, Norman also worked with several large global clients in the financial and insurance sector.

Norman’s most recent achievement is to be named one of Business Insider’s Power Players in Consulting. 

How Norman is building a better working world

“I believe a collaborative approach is the bedrock that allows us to ask the better questions. I’ve helped create a culture of teaming globally to develop more innovative answers for clients around the world. In doing so, we build trust and confidence, helping businesses work better and clients, global economies and communities grow and flourish. The reward is more sustainable, profitable and innovative businesses, which in turn create employment, help communities and improve society.”

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