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The mission of Cyber Threat Management is to assess, improve, build and operate security operations. By initiating, maturing and integrating the components of our framework with you under a shared vision, we offer relevant and actionable visibility, context and insight.

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Cyber Threat Management (CTM) services help clients complicate (i.e., make it harder for attackers to achieve their objectives), detect and respond to real-world attacks in the context of their own business and improve their overall cybersecurity posture. These services can be delivered through a traditional advisory approach or as a managed service offering through Cyber-as-a-Service .

An effective CTM program should provide the right threat information at the right time to the right stakeholders or systems. It should also identify malicious activity occurring on the network and systems so it can be contained, eradicated and remediated.

A mature CTM program prepares the organization for an inevitable attack by increasing its overall readiness to respond to cyber breaches, and it assesses the security of the network, applications and related infrastructure by discovering, validating and exploiting vulnerabilities. The status of these vulnerabilities should be tracked and validated, and metrics related to their remediation should be collected and reported.

These practices should also be integrated into the software development life cycle to reduce the total cost of development and generate a positive return on investment by determining vulnerabilities early in the development process.

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