Rapid Profit Transformation (RPT)

Rapid Profit Transformation helps companies meet complex challenges to create and unlock value, sustainably improve results, and release cash to fund future growth and innovation.

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Today’s executive teams and boards are facing the duality of growth dilemma: they must deliver consistent financial performance and create value for shareholders today - while simultaneously innovating and growing the business for tomorrow.

As powerful forces reshape business, and market volatility leads to greater uncertainty about the future, organizations in every industry are grappling with these seemingly competing demands.

In the face of complex challenges, the most successful businesses choose to not only streamline their cost structure and protect their current business, but also prepare for an uncertain, potentially disruptive future.  

The RPT solution helps organizations create and unlock value, simplify the business and create a more flexible and cost-effective organization for greater competitive agility. EY teams help identify, prioritize and implement initiatives addressing a wide range of revenue, costs, liquidity and capital opportunities.

The RPT solution:
  • Takes an investor’s approach to quickly and pragmatically identify and prioritize sources of value
  • Evaluates future-back trends to help determine current and future profit models
  • Identifies and streamlines high-value customer experiences for greater efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Addresses incentives to change the way businesses approach their spend
  • Helps deliver sustainable cost and revenue improvements
An organization’s business is evaluated across:
  • Revenue and margin enhancement
  • Operational agility and cost competitiveness
  • Capital and cash release

RPT framework

The EY RPT framework addresses key business needs to realize and sustain top- and bottom-line performance improvement:

  • Revenue and margin

    • How are our revenue streams evolving for the future – products, services, markets and channels?
    • How do our profit models evolve?
    • Who are our most valuable customers? 
    • How do we best serve them?
    • Are we optimizing our pricing structure?
    • How are our capability needs evolving for relevance?


  • Selling, general and administrative expense (SG&A)

    • How do we set ourselves up structurally to realize our business and performance agenda? 
    • Where can we streamline and automate our process to enhance productivity/scalability? How do we keep costs from creeping back in?
    • Where can we get quick-win savings to help fund longer-term efforts?


  • Capital and cash

    • How can we improve our working capital processes to release cash and increase shareholder value?
    • How can we increase predictability and improve cash flow forecasting?
    • How do we reduce reserves for bad debt?
    • How do we meet bank covenants?


  • Sustainable value realization

    • What are our governances to realize the full value and sustain the transformation agenda?
    • How do we selectively release old practices and beliefs and institutionalize new ones?
    • How do we effectively engage our workforce to embrace the changes and new ways of working?


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