Hye-Rin Park

CEO, Omnisystem


Winning women Asia-Pacific Hye-Rin Park

Hye-Rin Park is the CEO of Korea based Omnisystem. They are the first in Korea to develop digital electricity meters for remote reading. The company designs and manufactures digital electricity meters, gas meters, water meters and hot water meters. Currently Omnisystem is developing a solution to manage and control energy usage in not only homes and offices but the whole city and country. Hye-Rin says her biggest achievements include gaining the know-how and becoming number one in the field, being the CEO of Omnisystem and knowing the importance of every individual in the company. 

Omnisystem has won many prestigious awards such as the Best Digital Electricity Meter Award and the New Technology Applied Product Award.

According to Hye-Rin the energy sector is an expanding market especially in the field of smart metering. Developing countries use this system to reduce the loss of energy while developed countries adopt this system to save energy. As the current market leader in Korea she believes more chances are waiting in the global market and that they can expand into neighboring countries. Omnisystem’s forecast for the next 5 years is that they will triple their revenue and will enter the Vietnamese and Chinese market.

”We are living in a time where green environment and energy saving have been buzzwords for a long while. It was a great irony to see that the way of saving energy was inadequate in so many ways. Therefore, I developed a sufficient way to measure, monitor and verify energy usage in our homes, offices and even in our cities.”Hye-Rin Park, CEO of Omnisystem.