Lisa Mihardja

Founder and CEO, Alleira Batik


Winning women Asia-Pacific Lisa Mihardja

Lisa Mihardja is the Founder and CEO of Alleira Batik. Lisa’s passion for batik has made her one of Indonesia’s most inspiring leaders for women. Starting with only US $3,000  capital in 2005, Lisa has raised Alleira from a four-person company working in a garage, to one of the largest modern batik retailers in Indonesia within ten years of operation. Her company’s unique design philosophy of “east meets west” and daring touch of colors have enthralled many local and international prominent business figures as well as state dignitaries, such as Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Microsoft's Co-founder Bill Gates. 

Lisa’s ultimate goal is to make Alleira the first global batik brand and she took a fresh approach to batik design: “Batik is a tradition. However, preserving the tradition doesn’t have to be traditional” says Lisa who studied Economics at the University of New South Wales, “we have to make it a lifestyle.” 

Recognitions for Lisa’s excellence include the ASEAN Business Award 2013, the EY Indonesian Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2012, the Marketing Award 2011 (presented by Marketing Magazine) and the Most Powerful Women (presented by Globe Asia Magazine from 2011 to 2015 and by SWA Magazine in 2009). 

Through Alleira, Lisa engages in charity activities that support less educated women by training them to be skilled workers, thus enabling them to earn money. These women are now producing handicrafts from the leftovers of Alleira’s batik fabrics and their creations are available at all Alleira outlets.

“Entrepreneurship and self-belief are the keys to change the life of many Indonesian women.” Lisa Mihardja, Founder and CEO of Alleira Batik.