Meihing Chak

CEO, HeungKong Group


Winning women Asia-Pacific Meihing Chak

Meihing is the CEO of HeungKong Group and the Chairman of Heung Kong Charitable Foundation. Heungkong Group started in Shenzhen as a home mart in 1990. From its humble beginnings, HeungKong has developed into an enterprise group with more than 20,000 employees and specialized in trade platform construction, real estate, financial investment, resources & energies and the health industry. In 2005, Meihing initiated the first non-public foundation in China - the Heung Kong Charitable Foundation. Over these years, she has donated over RMB 1 billion to various social welfare and charity undertakings, including poverty alleviation, teaching assistance and disaster relief.

She is actively involved as a member of CPPCC, Vice-Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce - China Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Chairman of Woman Entrepreneurs Chamber of Guangdong.

Some of Meihing’s recent awards include the honorary titles of Outstanding Entrepreneuse for 2012, Annual Economic Woman of China for 2011, Top Ten Philanthropists from the 9th Charitable List of China (2012), Top Ten Sales Figures of China for 2012 from Southern Metropolis Daily, Ten Outstanding People amongst Cantonese around the World (2013) and Ten Outstanding Women in Southern Guangdong (2014).

Meihing wants to achieve annual sales of over RMB 100 billion and become a private group with more than four companies to list in 5 years.

“My vision is to incorporate technologies such as e-commerce, big data, mobile Internet, etc., leverage capital to drive transformation in the group and industry.” Meihing Chak, CEO of HeungKong Group.