Xiuru Nan

Deputy General Manager and Co-Founder, Hebei Hua An Bio-Pharmaceutical


Winning women Asia-Pacific Xiuru Nan

Xiuru Nan is the Deputy General Manager and Co-founder of Hebei Hua An BioPharmaceutical, also known as Huaan, a vaccine distributor and offers different types of rabies vaccines for humans and animals. Xiuru and her husband founded Hebei Hua An Bio-Pharmaceutical in 2001. Huaan established a comprehensive sales network all over the country, and is one of the biggest distributors of major vaccine producers in China. In addition, Huaan owns the rights for an exclusive technique to extract antibodies from blood plasma, a technique that is currently widely used by major rabies vaccine manufactures in China.

In 2010 Huaan became the largest shareholder of Wuhu Kangwei Biotechnology and developed a vaccine against Heliocobacter Pylori (HP), a bacterium that causes stomach ulcers and recently finished the development stage. The company obtained the drug manufacturing permit in May 2015 and this vaccine will be the first oral HP vaccine in the world. Currently, Xiuru is also the Director of Wuhu Kangwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

In the 15 years under Xiuru’s management, the company received many awards including the Innovator Award of the Year (2012) at the APEC SME Ministerial Meeting, and Huaan was one of the 10 best employers in Shijiazhuang in 2014 and 2015.

Xiuru’s vision for Huaan is to dig deeper in the rabies prevention business to secure Huaan’s position in the market. Furthermore, Huaan is planning to switch from a trader to a manufacturer with Wuhu Kangwei as the manufacturing subsidiary of Huaan.

“Educating the people about rabies and saving their lives inspired me to launch Huaan” Xiuru Nan, Deputy General Manager and Co-Founder of Hebei Hua An BioPharmaceutical.