Elidawati Ali Oemar

CEO, Elcorps


Winning women Asia-Pacific Elidawati Ali Oemar

Elidawati Ali Oemar is the CEO of Elcorps, a Muslim lifestyle company committed to quality goods produced with the philosophy of being beneficial to all mankind — expressed in Bahasa as “rahmatan lil alamin.” 

Having more than 20 years of experience in the Muslim fashion industry behind her, Elidawati identified the opportunity to produce quality goods in the spirit of Islamic ideals and principles to be sold in Indonesia and globally. 

Beginning with the production of hijabs under the brand name Elzatta, she guided her company’s rapid growth through a strategy of franchising partnerships — a pioneering move in the Muslim fashion world — and by helping vendors coordinate production to improve production techniques and scale. 

Five years on, the company employs over 1200 people and sells a large range of lifestyle products, from fashion to food and beverage and bodycare, to travel agents and event organizers all over Indonesia. 

Elidawati is committed to creating a retail brand of which Indonesia can be proud as she sets about building her company’s international presence. 

“We aim to be the leading Muslim lifestyle company in Indonesia with a global presence and a reputation for our integrity and commitment to products that benefit all mankind.”