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EY and EY-Parthenon professionals work with K-12 and higher education providers, private education providers, global investors as well as government education departments to improve how education is provided and support better outcomes for students around the world.

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The quality of life that we enjoy today is entirely due to the teaching, learning and research of earlier generations. The future is dependent on providing continued access to high-quality education that meets the changing demands of today and tomorrow.

Education is of fundamental importance to create sustainable societies and is recognized as a UN Sustainable Development Goal, which defines metrics for free, equitable and quality education for all children, globally.

While our education systems have been powerful vehicles for knowledge creation, economic growth and prosperity, the world is changing rapidly. Now is the time to realize the true transformation for education to prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s challenges.

At the EY organization, the EY Education team shares an ambition to support the transformative work undertaken by educational institutions and government departments to provide accessible and high-quality education for all students. EY teams bring together bespoke teams of professionals with experience and skills in strategy consulting; education policy; business consulting; digital strategy and data analytics; cyber, and identity and access management; workforce and talent; student experience and pathways; and risk management.

The services that EY teams offer include:
  • Strategy consulting: Achieving better student outcomes is the primary objective of EY-Parthenon’s strategy consulting work in education. Whether you are an educational institution, a government agency, a publisher or a financial institution — this is the ultimate goal. Simultaneously, there is pressure to demonstrate outcomes and return on investment, provide investment accountability, and improve operating efficiency. EY professionals help institutions, governments and business leaders design and provide transformative strategies to achieve these student outcomes, addressing the increasingly more complex educational environment.
  • Business consulting: Using EY Transformation Realized approach, EY professionals help the education sector enhance its ability to adapt to disruption and create more agile operating models that help deliver and sustain long-term value creation and impact. By using this approach, educational organizations can, for example, connect with learners through richer learning experiences, create stronger employee engagement, deploy new technology faster, mitigate threats and remain relevant, while increasing the capacity for continuous business reinvention and innovation.
  • Performance improvement: EY-Parthenon professionals understand the financial ramifications of the shifts currently taking place in both K-12 and higher-education institutions. Current operating models are being challenged and the financial health of institutions is increasingly under pressure. We provide strategic guidance on the basis of leading business practices and proprietary research to help institutions make strategic resource-allocation decisions, or to resolve budget deficiencies and drive current efficiencies if the situation demands it, all while building community consensus. We help you to rethink capital assets, leverage better technology applications and define new delivery models, so that you are better positioned for an uncertain future.
  • Digital technologies: Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, data analytics and data platforms are generating immense opportunities for personalized teaching and learning. It puts the student at the center, but also has the power to improve the speed and efficiency of back-office operations. Digital technologies are a fundamental part of the infrastructure of any education provider, and we have experience in providing comprehensive digital transformation visions, strategies and road maps that are aligned with the providers’ ambitions.
  • Workplace and talent: The advancement of digital and changes to synchronous or asynchronous learning expectations require new skills for teachers, faculty, administrators, policymakers and regulators, as they need to both design and use digital technologies to build the education of the future. EY workforce teams can help to identify the skill sets you need and create strategies to bring in talent and upskill existing staff.
  • Student experience and pathways: EY multidisciplinary teams focus on the student at the center of the school or the university design. We review existing offerings and identify opportunities to enhance the value proposition for students. Using primary market research with students, employers, career counselors and education agents, we map broad and bespoke student journeys. 
  • Risk and governance: The EY organization advises on project risk, project governance, program service delivery and management, and enterprise risk and compliance, to improve risk and governance outcomes for all stakeholders.

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