Indigenous Sector Practice

Our purpose-led Indigenous Sector Practice (ISP) is driven by a commitment to empowering First Nations to secure a better future. Harnessing our expertise and resources, we work closely with and for the First Nations sector, as well as the government agencies and corporates that empower them, to effectively lead, govern and deliver transformative outcomes for their communities.

Led by our ISP guiding principles, we bring deep cultural insights, leadership and credibility through an integrated whole of Oceania Practice. With a team that includes a majority of First Nations practitioners and leaders, we provide First Nations businesses and stakeholders with services that promote empowerment and generate strategic transformation.

Through enterprise development, governance and community leadership we can help clients and communities by delivering advice with a respectful approach through our knowledge of communitites, history, opportunities and unique challenges. 

With our knowledge of government and the people they serve, we can co-design solutions with First Nations that work for all of Australia and turn these into executable action.

For business clients, we can develop and convert engagement to partnership for First Nations, through our knowledge of the people, expertise and lived experience to help your business get ahead of the game. 

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