Conversation with the Nation

We've gathered some of our best minds and challenged them to start a conversation. A conversation we need to have to build a better vision for a digitally-transformed Australia.

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Are you ready for the future?

Together we need to ask better questions, to build a better vision for digital transformation.

Data from the OECD, World Bank and World Economic Forum all point to a decline in how well Australia is managing the transition away from a resource-sector supported economy to a digital one. We need to have a conversation as a nation, to develop a plan for Australia’s success in a global digital economy. 

We asked EY professionals about how to help workforces thrive, how governments can put their citizens' wellbeing at the heart of any digital transformation, and whether that transformation generally will make the world more, or less ethical. 

Hear what they have to say and tell us what you think. Together we can future-proof Australia. 

Where is our blueprint for the power economy of the future?

How ready are you to create places that connect, rather than isolate, human beings?

How will you build data science and technology into the tax process for better transparency?

Is the tech revolution the beginning of the end for traditional banking?

How can you turn your optimism bias around to fully embrace the transformation opportunity?

In an uncertain world how do you help your workforce thrive?

What will it take to ensure government has its citizens well-being at the heart of digital transformation?

Will you wait for climate change to happen, or will you take a hand in shaping the response?

Will digital transformation make our world more or less ethical?

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