A photographic portrait of Amy Xu
A deep understanding of clients’ ethnic and business cultures helps make good client service, exceptional.

Amy Xu

EY New Zealand China Business Group Leader

EY NZ China Business Group Leader. Fun tax professional. D&I supporter. Happy and sometimes struggling mother. Gym lover.

Amy leads EY New Zealand’s China Business Group, a team focused on assisting businesses from each country investing in the other. Amy is native Chinese but has been in New Zealand for almost 18 years and uses her inter-office connections following a brief stint in the EY China offices, to help New Zealand companies get timely and professional support from local advisors for their businesses in China.

Amy has a relentless focus on building the bridge between the New Zealand and China business communities and helping clients navigate these exciting but challenging times. She graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Laws and  Commerce in 2007 and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court in 2008.

How Amy is building a better working world

"As both New Zealand and Chinese companies continue to expand their footprint internationally, many business opportunities have arisen, together with many challenges including cultural differences, language barriers, financing difficulties and regulatory issues. I'm pleased that bi-lingual skills, a deep understanding of both Kiwi and Chinese cultures, and solid technical knowledge has helped many Chinese entities and individuals overcome the various barriers and difficulties to successfully start or grow their businesses in New Zealand."  

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