Photographic Portrait of Georgina Crundell
Over the next 10 years, cyber risks will become so significant that action is needed now to avoid loss of service and customer data. Ensuring you're set up for cyber success is key.

Georgina Crundell

EY Oceania Cyber Assurance Leader

Cyber security specialist. Risk Adviser. Technology Strategist.

Georgina has over 20 years of specialist experience in cybersecurity, having led and implemented strategic responses to enterprise technology risk issues. She is currently helping boards to understand their cyber gaps and challenges. She has extensive experience in strategy and IT risk Management, and applies this expertise in sectors including banking, energy, transport, manufacturing and utilities.

Georgina continually shows leadership in areas of technology governance, merger & acquisition risk management, strategy building & implementation, alongside cybersecurity consulting, business continuity & disaster recovery consulting, senior stakeholder influencing & awareness, outsourcing & offshoring, product & vendor evaluation & negotiation.

Georgina graduated from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor of Science and Information Systems.

How Georgina is building a better working world

As many organisations have learned, sometimes the hard way, cyber-attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. As an Assurance Leader Georgina is leading the way to help identify and reduce cybersecurity risks with our clients.

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