A Photographic portrait of Jennie McLaughlin
There are two ways to influence behaviour: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it. I aim for the latter, by helping clients become Purpose-led leaders.

Jennie McLaughlin

EY Oceania Purpose & Customer Leader

One of 17 customer experience professionals in Australia. Manages CX for a family with two soccer-mad children. Enjoys a good book, coffee and a piano jam.

Areas of focus Customer Innovation Consulting
Office Sydney, AU

I live and breathe customer experience and help organisations big and small improve their CX in a way that is consistent, differentiated and sustainable - driven by memorable human experiences enlivened through storytelling. The most important part of my work is communicating to businesses that Purpose-led leadership is not a fad, but the only way to achieve great human outcomes and sustainable long term growth. 

Prior to joining EY, I honed my CX skills as the Head of Customer for Optus Business and various sales and marketing executive roles globally.  I have a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics from RMIT and am an active member of the Customer Experience Professional Association in Australia. 

How Jennie is building a better working world

What gets me out of bed every day is knowing that helping clients define and activate their personal Purpose and that of their organisation, results in happier and more empowered employees and customers who are passionate for their brand. I help leaders grow their business differently, buiding comapnies that can withstand competition by creating enduring trusted and authentic customer experiences.  

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