A Photographic potrait of Jo Masters
Economics helps us understand the world we live in and more importantly how we can make it better. I love showing people this.

Jo Masters

EY Oceania Chief Economist

Economist. Pundit. Keen tennis player. Referee to teenage girls. Paddle board lover.

Jo believes that when you are thinking about what may go right or, more importantly, wrong in your business, it most likely starts at the macro-economic level - both cyclical and structural. Jo uses her expertise to help businesses be earlier identifiers of threats and opportunities, and to think about what they can do to protect or exploit that.

Jo was Senior Economist, ANZ and Macquarie Bank, and FX Sales and Strategy at Macquarie Bank. She has a Masters of Economics from Sydney University and was awarded the Senior Prize in Economics. Jo is a member of the Advisory Board to the Financy Women’s Index, which aims to measure the economic progress of Australia’s Women.

How Jo is building a better working world

"I love it when people have learned something new, thought about something differently, and being challenged by that myself."

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