Portrait of Johnathan McMenamin
Economics provides us with insights that reveal how the world truly works, it’s my passion to share this with people.

Johnathan McMenamin

EY Oceania Senior Economist

Macro Economist. Keen sportsman. Brewer.

Johnathan is a Senior Economist and Associate Director working alongside EY’s Chief Economist and EY’s Valuations Modelling and Economics Team. He plays a key part in shaping EY’s economic narrative - measuring, analysing and communicating Australia’s macro-economic climate.

Johnathan joined EY from NSW Treasury where he specialised in macroeconomic analysis, modelling, research and economic forecasting. He has a Masters in Financial Analysis and a Bachelors of Economics from the University of New South Wales. 

How Johnathan is building a better working world

"Macroeconomics reveals how the world operates, I love to share insights that improve decision making and outcomes for people."

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