A photographic portrait Ruth Owen
My personal mission is to enable all public services to line up to the meaning of those words, delivering quality outcomes and experiences, based on the values of dignity and respect for those they serve.

Ruth Owen

EY Oceania Human Services Partner

Customer centric and holistic approach to improving life outcomes for the most vulnerable in the community. Manchester City soccer fan. Learning to enjoy AFL.

Ruth leads a team of colleagues to support clients in Government and within the human / social services sector, to improve the life outcomes of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Ruth spent more than 25 years in the UK Government, beginning with serving customers at a front-line social security office (similar to Centrelink). That experience laid the foundation for the rest of her career. She has specialised in enhancing and improving outcomes for customers, as well as finding solutions for front-line workers to better serve their customers. 

Before Ruth moved to EY she led service delivery operations as Deputy chief executive of the UK's Welfare and Welfare to Work agency. She was appointed Head of Profession across the UK civil service for operational service delivery, leading 280,000 colleagues.

Ruth has a degree in politics from the University of London and has been made a Fellow of the Customer Service Industry Association in the UK and Australia.

How Ruth is building a better working world

"I jump out of bed at the opportunity and privilege we have to work with some amazing clients, to address some of the biggest and toughest, inter-generational issues facing our community. We aim to support and enable them to achieve better outcomes for people and families facing vulnerability, for example due to mental health, disability, homelessness or family instability or violence.

We bring fresh thinking to big problems, with additional capabilities and capacity to find new approaches. We seek to address and enhance wellbeing in our community, and find ways to implement, sustain and embed. Ultimately, through our support to Governments and their providers,  people facing vulnerability are able to achieve better life outcomes due to the interventions made with them by our clients

We also bring a holistic approach – joining up around the end user customer for a better service experience as well as improved outcomes. The issues we are dealing with are ultimately very human and personal, and we focus a lot on human centred design and workforce / leadership development. We underpin that with the best capabilities in data, analytics, actuarial modelling, service design, evaluation of what works and organisational transformation enabled by technology.

But at the end of the day we never lose sight of the end customer and why and how they need personalised support or service tailored to them."

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