Trevor Young breaks down myths about PR and content marketing

With nearly 30 years of experience in the PR and communications industry, Trevor breaks down the myths of PR and shares his thoughts on how technology has transformed the nature of content marketing. He also uncovers the complexities of content and how businesses should approach the world of content marketing.

Trevor's Quick Questions

  • Business book: “Think. Do. Say” by Ron Tite – terrific book, really funny and relevant for any business/business leader 
  • Person to follow: Mark Schaefer – excellent blogger, speaker and best-selling author of “Marketing Rebellion”
  • Dinner partner: Keith Richards – a fascinating character! Still passionate about the blues and music even after all these years



Adam Fraser
EY Oceania, Customer Practice Director


Episode 46

Duration 46m 24s

In this week's episode we discuss:

  • The intersection between PR and social media and how new platforms are being leveraged to help brand building and accelerate marketing ROI
  • The power shift from brands controlling all media and marketing communications to consumers on social media platforms, highlighting the need for social listening tools to engage with the needs of consumers
  • The complexities of content marketing and how organisations should go beyond and create original content that tells stories and uncovers the layers of the organisation
  • The need for business leaders to take control and develop a clear strategic direction from the brand before leaping into the world of content marketing
  • Trevor’s share of voice model and why owned media can be the primary foundation for long-term growth and ROI  
  • The benefits of assembling and leveraging your own audience/media channel and how to maintain value throughout all communications